Personality Rewrite

This is a rewrite of ViralMan's personality that's been sitting in a Word file for the last little while.

Personality: ViralMan is suited to his operator in that both are highly antisocial. This doesn't necessarily mean they avoid contact with others; they're just uncomfortable doing so. However, he is able to keep this hidden from Zeo by avoiding contact with just about everyone but Zeo. Again like his operator, he is only truly able to act natural around his partner. Often alone but for Zeo, ViralMan has a cynical and overly cautious attitude. He practically advocates the use of sarcasm and half the words coming out of his mouth are either muttered curses or smart remarks.

He enjoys acting like his perceived notion of a "warrior": tough, stoic and logical. ViralMan is often unable to keep this unnatural façade for long and ends up forgetting about it completely. Faced with company other than Zeo, he will usually struggle through conversations and only contribute when he feels it is necessary. ViralMan also has a tendency to over think during conversations and read too much into others' words. This stems from his overcautious tendencies and lack of experience in social matters.