Appearance: Compared to Yuki's everyday wear, SnowWhite is a refurbished and modified version of he original model back when she was a Cooling System Maintenance Navi. Gone are the ski boots, ski wear, and goggles replaced with a slightly mechanized body. Her body has grown exponentially to around 7 feet, though most of it is due to her larger arms and legs. Unlike normal armor types, while the arms and legs look rather durable, they were made to house Yuki's rather large environmental control routines and cooling systems. They are covered in vents and tend to expel small amounts of cool mist when Yuki moves that particular limb around.

Due to the bulkyness of the body, most of Yuki's movements are done by sliding and gliding on the surface which are aided by a pair of rear mounted vents. Yuki's arms, to protect the large cooling systems inside, are heavily plated with a few vents in key spots. Where there is no plating(such as the joints) long thick wires and tubes serving as hydraulics for her heavy arms can be seen. On her right shoulder plate, there are a few gash marks below where her emblem lies. A sign of her loyalty to Aoi. The mechanized legs are also a bit bulkier, but mainly so Yuki doesn't tip over from the awkward balance thanks to some retractable spikes to better serve her on the icy surface she used to work on. While the limbs seem to be a bit scratched up, they are all snow white to fit it's name sake.

As for Yuki's torso, instead of the ski outfit from before, she now wears a one piece Dark Blue suit that hugs to her still feminine torso. Her hair has grown a bit and has taken on a very light blue that in itself is almost white. Instead of her normal goggles, a large mechanical visor with blue glass takes it place. When in use and in combat, it slides over the top portion of her face and eyes.

(A very good example of it is here.)

Battle Fluff: Most of Yuki's signature attacks have been steamlined to make up for the excess data in this form. As such, they take very simple forms such as a large vent of freezing air for winter wonderland, a giant snowball for snowman down, and a ice pack for cool-treatment. Likewise, chips that attach to her are a bit more primitive in their design but still function the same way. Her buster is a jet of cold air.