Name: Tenkia
Age: 15

Apperence:Tall litebrown skin tone, Wears black army cloths .Has long white hair.Wears white shirt with Black jeans and white sneakers. Tenkia has pure white eyes that matches his hair.People often think he is weak because he is kind of short but when they do pick on him he will fight them.

Personality:cool calm,easy to get angry and carefree. Has a full of himslef attuide. most of the times he isa hot head because he likes a challenge . Loves to fight and dose not care if he loses because he will keep coming .Girls are allways after him to do all sorts of things to his hair.But he loves the attention.

PETmods:His PET is all white.It has a the ablity to scan and see what type of virus are attacking the Net it is atavated by Tenkia voice.

Name: Pinpoint




Apperance: Pinpoint has long white hair and has a face mask when in battle, lightbrown skin tone, black army armor with a huge sniper cannon on his back and is pulled on to his sholder in battle and to cover it all up he wears a all black cloak wit a hood.he is also kind of short too.Pinpoint is also muscular too because of so much traning with the sniper gun.

Personality: Serious dose not play games loves a challange and loves to train in harsh conditions. Dose not like help from any one else other than Tenkia .Pinpoint and Tenkia are allways argueing with each other but they really care about each other because they are best frirnds. Pinpoint always get the last laugh. Think he is the ultimate navie. Loves to fight. Loves training the hard way and learning new moves.

Custom weapon: Huge Sniper gun.

Sig Attack:Grand cannon, Pinpoint charges his sniper gun for ten seconds then release a huge beam cannon at his enemy.This attack must be hit from a dictance because he is open for attack while charging up,when it hits the enemy is also stuned . It takes away 70 hp. 2 turn for cooldown
You need more description for both Navi and Op. The decoding thing on the PET doesn't fly, remove it.

You'll have to explain the Sig to me a little simpler, It sound't like you have two different attacks. Plus, the cap is 70 damage, not 75.
how much more discription i need but i change the PETmod so all i need is more discription?
Alright, Kyubii. Give me ONE good reason why I shouldn't ban you for having multiple accounts right now. I've got MULTIPLE IP traces on you, I think one of them is your school, but the other is definitely a personal IP, and your posting are nigh identical. One reason, and if it isn't good enough, You'll be on the first train to Permabansville.
What Steve means here is that albeit you have different emails and registration IPs, you and KyubiiForte have very similar posting styles and share a great number of IP addresses. We have a very explicit policy on multi-accounts (Not allowed, period).

So explain. We could be mistaken, but you do have a great deal of evidence against you.
me and Kyubii go to the same schoole and he told me about this site and i got some of my ideas from him so that is why our navie sound simalar me and him are two different people he onley has one navie and one accont he told me to look at his accont to see how to set it up..i did not know i was doing anything wrong sorry my name is Xavier Yeates and his name is Troy brown
Alright. Now, please explain why you both have used the same AOL IP Address. This is highly unusual, as by my understanding, you'd have to be using the same AOL SN/account for that to occur.
well my aol address so i dont know how we both used the same one i dont know his address by heart but they cant be the same
Nono, you misunderstand. It's not the email address, it's the ACCOUNT. As in, the computer. You have both posted from the same COMPUTER. IPs don't lie.
if we did its from the schoole computer because we are in the same class and we use the same computer
That's not realistic. What kind of school forces two people to use the same computer?

A quick question: Where are you posting from right now?
Yeah, I know that much. That doesn't change the fact that there is a second IP that you both used. And it's listed as personal use, so it isn't a school.
my home computer

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KyuubiForte Posted: Apr 9 2007, 11:05 PM 
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OGpinpoint Posted: Apr 14 2007, 08:09 PM 
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So. Does he live in your home? For this is the EXACT SAME IP ADDRESS.

Which you just claimed is your HOME COMPUTER.

Not looking good for you, dude.
well i dont know whats going on this is not even my computer i using now its my dads so i dont know hows it saying the same but if this is a big problem and you guys dont want me to join its fine since its to much troble
Hmm? Why are you posting on your dad's computer?

Do you not have your own?
i do but the internet is down on it so im just using this one until my dad fixes it
Okay, let's think about this for a minute.

Your computer-- your HOME computer and the SCHOOL computer... are both being used by 'KyuubiForte', correct? But, no, wait, your computer is broken, and you're using your DAD'S computer... so Kyuubi is using your dad's computer as well? No, wait, that's not right, he's not using your computer...

So you're telling me he's somehow acquired your COMPLETELY UNIQUE TO YOU IP and is using it, coincidentally, on this EXACT SAME BOARD which is rather hard to find?

My BS-Radar is going haywire, here.

So, as far as I see it, you have two options by this point:

1: Fess up and take your ban like a man. Hell, if you apologize and promise to never do it again (And trust me, we'll be watching), we MIGHT just let you stay. Maybe.

2: Continue these 'Clever excuses' which can easily be seen through by a burst of logic and an IP CHECK, and thus, make yourself look worse in the process before we permanently ban you AND your IPs anyway.

What's it gonna be, eh?

That doesn't change the fact that the user KyuubiForte has posted from that computer.

Like I said, IPs don't lie.
i not lieing he did not use my dad computer he never came to my house