More Long Overdue Edit(s)!

This is a rewrite of my operator's personality. I'm working on new descriptions for my Navi as well, so I may just post those in this thread when I'm finished them. For now, might as well get this one approved.

Personality: Zeo is an overall timid person. He doesn't go out of his way to speak to others and would be much happier doing things alone. Despite this, he will make an effort to talk to people if he believes he has something in common with them, or if his Navi prompts him to. He is usually a very happy person, being content with his life as is. In the presence of others he will try to conceal that and look more like what he perceives as normal. While operating he has tendencies to both over and under think, sometimes forgetting traits about a virus while other times becoming indecisive due to a lack of plausible moves. Thinking ahead isn't his forte though; he feels that sticking to a plan can cause problems when it doesn't go right. Zeo prefers to make snap decisions and it hasn't failed him yet. He has a dislike of people who rigidly follow rules or regulations, although he is usually afraid to speak out against these kinds of people.
And is also too timid to break rules and regulations.

; D

Personality description doesn't look like it breaks the rules.

Alright, here's a description rewrite for my Navi. I'm about two thirds done my profile editing.

Appearance: ViralMan has the build of an average NormalNavi, standing at around five foot ten. In general he looks quite plain, sporting the common bodysuit that many Navis wear. The suit is smoke gray and covers most of his body. In the center of his body, a slightly raised circle features his emblem: a purple triangle with many small dots around it. Gloves of a darker gray colour cover his hands. On the palms and fingers of the gloves, there is lightly coloured material intended to better ViralMan's grip. His boots are similar; they are reasonably thin and are darker than his bodysuit. On the soles of the boots, there are large purple dots near each of the heels. They are purely intended for looks. In hostile areas of the Net, ambient data particles will float around ViralMan's body as part of an automatic healing program.

His helmet is removable, and resembles a motorcycle helmet. On both sides of the helmet there are large circles once again bearing ViralMan's emblem. Extending around the front of the helmet from emblem to emblem is a dark tinted visor that hides his eyes and ends just above his nose. A thin mask made of a stretchy material similar to that of his bodysuit can be pulled up over his nose to protect his face. Under ViralMan's helmet he has black medium length hair, light skin, and light gray eyes. He often wears a neutral expression on his face, helmet or no helmet.