A'ight, got me a blank GMO, let's do this.

As the result of either a get-rich-quick scheme or a cruel joke by Chris, Nitro's body is changed to that of a woman just out of her teenage years. His(her) overall design remains mostly the same, aside from the obvious change in shape, with a few exceptions:
The septagonal pieces of armour normally around his(her) calves are rotated slightly, to face outward.
The stripes along his sides continue past his(her) waist, and travel around to the back and inside of his(her) legs.
His(her) boots also take on a sleeker design.

As well, in this GMO, Nitro's voice changes, to match his(her) new form. However, underneath all those curves, he's still a guy at heart. He(she) does aquire the ability to turn on the feminine wiles at the drop of a dime, however.

As a side note, in this GMO, his glove usually stays a glove, but can change to his standard buster if the need arises (the opposite being true for his standard form).
Hawt, if I do say so myself. Approved.