Name:Jaden Takeshi
Apperance:Tall and slightly tan, his hair is jet-black and hangs down from his face covering his left eye. He like to wear faded jeans, a T-shirt, and a light green jacket with yellow trim. The shoes he wears are made of magno metal and can stick to thick metal surfaces.The sad thing about him is that no one knows what he can do. He can only bench 80 so people assume he is very weak, but is very good at writing and likes to compose stories as well as create art on with his PeT.

Personality:Easygoing. Almost too easygoing for his friends, but they know he'd help them out if they ever needed him....He is really part nerd, yet still cool in a way that defies the s that try to follow him.

PeTmods:his PeT is black with red veins pulsing electricity through them, in a way, it reminds his navi of home. It also carries a pull-out fiber-optic camera that lets the navi and user see under doors, or for the navi to look around.


programming age:V 9.3.2
Gender:Male...or I think so anyways....
He is very black save the red veins looping around his body, his helmet is motion-tracking and heat-sensitive. He has a sharp tail and 2 spikes to impale his enemies upon.
Personality:Grim, he likes to make viruses suffer before draining their energy.
Custom weapon: a Life Stealer
Sig weapon: Power impact. He(or she) curls into fetal position and draws upon all the energy surrounding him, he then sends the power out and creates a shockwave of energy.
4 attacks of 10
1 turn cooldown (to regain lost energy)
Alright, so I'll work on getting you approved. XD

Yea, as I said in your Profile posts, you need to be checked for following rules, etc before you're officially accepted.

We find that it speeds things up quite a bit later on.

Alright, so here we go:

"Operator" looks fine.


1. Why Recover?
2. I'll assume the draining energy attacks come later.
3. Dream Stealer--5 turns? Custom weapons are attacks that can be used every action, every turn. They also follow a set damage, based on NaviCust.
4. Sig Attacks are 40 damage/1 turn Cooldown. The cap at starting is 70. Fix as needed.
he is recover because he draws upon the opponent as his life-force, he hungers for more than his own power, he draws power towards himself and in turn makes it his. He is a very good write for fan-fics.

Wait a minute. You mean to say that your attacks drain HP?
yes. Goodbye, I have found a better rpg.
G-g-g-Goodbye, dick.