Voulge.EXE Changes

The Changes are going to be stated in bold text~ All the changes are going to be the details, except the element change.
Name: Voulge.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Type: Sword

Appearance: Voulge's visual age could be compared to a male in his mid 20's, height of 6'2", and weight of 250 lbs (with the armors). His hair is black and ties it to a short ponytail and his eye color is blood crimson as well as his skin. He wears a full set of silver ringmail over his upper body with a red leather brigandine over it. Within his brigandine is a whole set of small/medium weapons he can fit in, ranging from throwing daggers to a Mace. There is also a fire-wing shaped Pauldron over his right shoulder and a pair of silvery gauntlets. Voulge has on a casual clothe pants with the thighs covered with a thin sheet of armor plate and a knee high greave . Voulge's emblem is a single pole arm on the middle with small, different shaped spear weapons on the red background. The emblem is placed on the right side of the brigandine. [Speech = Red]

Personality: Voulge's personality could be compared to a stone, absolute and dull. Even Marius doesn't have the slightest clue of what type of emotion he is feeling. Voulge, however, does have absolute loyalty towards Marius and follows nearly every command listed by him. He believes that Marius' action is for the greater good, but he feels remorseful when he is forced to injure or harm the innocent for Marius' plan. Voulge sees often finds responsibility to protect and serve the innocent bystanders in any given situations, this may be his only visible weakness. He is always seen carrying his weapon no matter what, similar to his operator, and treat it like its own limb.

Custom Weapon:
Avaria-Lancea: Voulge's weapon is a very peculiar spear; it has the power to transform into many shapes and size of a pole arm, javelin, lance, and even harpoons. It also has the power to add or change Voulge's armor. When the weapon transforms, the weapon and/or Voulge is swept by a quick gust of flame and morphs into the desired weapon(s) and armor. The spear is about 4 and a half tall excluding the length of the blade. The blade's shape could be compared as a one large candle flame that changes from time to time when it morphs into different weapons. The handle is a charred black pole with a long, thin, unbreakable platinum chain attached to the end of the spear, which allows Voulge to retrieve the weapon at a given situation. At the throat of the spear are a bundle of ornament rubies with varying shapes and sizes. The rubies are the main source of the Avaria-Lancea's transforming power.

Default Attack:
Ruby Assault: Voulge uses the Avaria-Lancea in order to strike his enemy while the weapon is in its original form.

Charged Attack:
Blood Massacre: The Avaria-Lancea changes into an improved version of its original form with the blade shaped like a fierce fire rather than a candle flame, enhanced grip on the spear, and even the chains are heavier and sharpened like razors.

Signature Attack:
Grandis Attero (Great Impact): The Lancea transforms into an oversized jousting lance, complete with a set of jousting armor. Voulge assumes stance with his lance on his right arm and his leg quickly positions into a right ground. Voulge madly dashes towards the enemy with the lance aimed straight towards the torso (or any other open spot) of the enemy. When contact between the lance and the enemy is made, Voulge fiercely thrusts straight through and causing a fiery explosion as well. The lance is made out of silver metal, designed with a Renaissance art style angel barely clothed with a single white cloak holding a long sword straight towards the tip of the lance. Red and silver spiral designs are colored on the background. The additional armors are very simple: a single silver breastplate with the Voulge's emblem on the middle, a shoulder and arm garments for the right arm and a larger, heavier shoulder garments on the left arm, and a full sallet helm. The armor is specifically designed to keep Voulge balanced and straight as he runs with the heavy lance.

[80 Damage {80} / [b]Fire[/b] / Break {20} / Impact {20} / Melee {Free} / 3TCD] {120pts}


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