Name: MachFighter

Appearance: Machman's entire body goes through a very dramatic change. Two forward swept wings jut out from his long fuselage body, and his armored cockpit has two canard-like spikes sticking out from the sides. He has two large engine intakes under his wings, bringing in air to all 4 of his plasma thrust engines. Though capable of space flight, the added air keeps the core temperature in check. Each engine providing over 35,000 lbf (foot-pounds) of thrust each, this aircraft can easily break the speed of sound while burning minimal fuel. What makes these engines so special aren't the engines themselves, but the way they are secured in the frame. They are actively "floating" in it's housing, supported by the same technology that controls Machman's thrust wings, allowing the engines themselves to flip and turn in their housing. This capability allows the aircraft to perform normally impossible aerobatic maneuvers, including hovering and backwards movement at moderate speed.

Armament: The Machfighter has a pair of triple-barreled Vulcan cannons in 2 weapon blisters, one under each wing and close to the fuselage. It also has multiple missile hard points under the wings capable of supporting a maximum of 6 missiles. In addition to its Vulcan guns, the weapon blisters can be used to employ a pair of belt-fed rocket tubes for less accurate, but equally powerful attacks. Also stored in the sides of the aircraft are deployable spikes that can be used to channel some of the energy produced in the aircraft's core.