Name: Avecia.GMB
GMO #: 02 [Error]

*Note: This is the GMO manifestation of Avecia. Avecia is not Broadside.

Appearance: Avecia is a Next Gen model female Navi of average height (about 5'10") and slender build, with large white feathered wings sprouting from her back. She has shoulder length platinum-white hair, blue eyes, and fair skin tone. Like most Navis, she has a bodysuit, silver in color, although it does not cover her neck or arms. Over this, she wears a silver colored silk robe that covers her from the neck down. The robe features loose sleeves that stop at the elbow and a hood, which is usually left down, that piles about Avecia's neck, and does not get in the way of her wings. The robe is belted at the waist with a dark red cloth sash. The sash is tied and knotted to one side and features small coin-like medallions which dangle on the ends of the sash as weights to keep the ends out of the way. Hanging from the sash at her left hip is a simple unadorned broadsword sheath made of redwood with a silver ring guard and end-cap. The robe ends a hand full of inches from the ground, allowing Avecia's simple brown traveler's boots to be seen. She does not wear gloves or headgear of any kind, and her ear covers are usually hidden by her hair.

Avecia's wings are a great deal larger than first impressions would convey. When unfurled and fully extended, her wing span is a magnificent eighteen feet, which allows for bird-like flight and easy soaring glides. However, this large wingspan is usually folded up and comfortably resting against Avecia's back in a much more compact and less cumbersome cape of feathers.

Avecia's weapon of choice, which rests at her side in it's redwood sheath, is a simple one-handed broadsword. The weapon is roughly three and a half feet in length from tip to pommel, and weighs all of four pounds. The smooth double edged blade is roughly three feet in length, and approximately three inches wide from edge to edge. It has a simple silver cross guard and a well worn and taped handle. The sword is purely functional, and totally lacks any sort of ornamentation. It is also nearly indestructible.

Avecia's Navi Emblem is imprinted upon her ear-covers only. The Emblem is a picture of a broadsword with the blade pointing downwards and the handle to the sky. A halo rings the hilt, and white feathered wings reach around from behind the sword to cross tips before the blade. The image is imprinted on a black background.

As Avecia is patched into Broadside's coding, she shares his current HP and status. This of course means she is also Elec/Break type, and has access to all of Broadside's battle chips and signatures. It also means she is totally incapable of unassisted flight. However, Avecia is not Broadside. Her personality, decision making, and abilities are vastly different from his. This quickly becomes apparent upon encountering her.

--Custom Combat Abilities--
Buster Shot (Null / Slashing):
Runesword Attack: Avecia channels attack data into her trusty broadsword, causing glowing runes to appear on it's surface. She then swings is at or stabs it towards her target, sending a cutting wave or sharp bolt of energy towards them.

Charged Shot (Elec / Slashing):
Aether Slash: Avecia spends a couple of monents charging the blade of her broadsword with energy, then unleashes a powerful blade wave with a single sweeping stroke of her sword.

Melee Attack (Null / Slashing):
Broadsword Attack: Basic swordplay utilizing Avecia's simple but sturdy broadsword.

Charged Melee (Elec / Slashing):
Sword Spire: Avecia raises the blade of her broadsword towards the sky, calling down a thunderbolt to strike the blade, charging it with electricity. She then attempts to stab her foe with the thunderstruck blade.
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