Curseman.EXE profile edit.

This is just to fix up and clarify a bit more on how curseman actually looks, as my original description was a bit messed up do to a lack of sleep, ect. All i ask to be changed is the description with the following.

Description: CurseMan's outward appearance is a somewhat animalistic-looking demonic armor (a moderate to light plated armor, opposed to a large heavy style armor), with similarity relating to that of a black cat. Curseman's helmet resembles that of a feline (think megaman man gregar mode helm, but less hardcore and more feline), two silver tiger like stripes on the back of each cat-like ear, and green colored feline eyes and fangs coming from the side of the mouth. In the center of Curseman's forehead, is a third eye of crimson color, which usually remains closed. A spike protrudes from from Cursemans left shoulder armor, slightly curved and heading upwards, as well as a smaller spike on the end of each elbow. Curseman also has two somewhat slender tails as well.

For the most part, Curseman's armor is black, however he wears a Dark red pair of claw-like gauntlets on each arm ending halfway between the wrist and elbow. In addition to that, he wears a pair of dark crimson greaves going halfway up to his knees, shaped in a clawed foot fashion. Curseman's body also has a purple, semi-visible flame located on certain parts, which he refers to as ghost fire. it's locations are: the ends of each gauntlet, the tips of each tail, and the tips of each ear (small amount), and the backs of each heel (small amount). the symbol upon Curseman's chest depicts a crimson colored eye, surrounded by purple flames.
I see nothing glaringly wrong with this change, and I don't see a reason for it to not be approved so...