Irene and Porceau.exe

Name: Irene Mirokras
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Purplish brown hair with two cream ribbons on top, smoky-gray eyes, silver feathered-shaped pendant, two silver bracelets on right hand, white jacket with purple pawprints and stripes, denim skirt (knee length), purple-brown sandals
Personality: Irene is a nice but somewhat of a clueless and forgetful person who is eager to help other people. Often times, she apologizes for everything, even for things she didn't do wrong.
PET Modifications: Her PET has the color scheme of dark silver on white, and is thinner and smaller than a typical one.

Name: Porceau.exe (to irritate him, call him Iggy xD)
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: A tall, imposing (and grumpy-looking) man with steel-gray eyes, hair of pink and purple colors, pink pig ears, and a long curly pink pig tail. He wears a white dress military-ish robe with light blue markings and a monotone-colored belt with a large buckle. The clothes have slits in the shoulders and are fastened with two steel buttons. He wears a light gray shirt, dark gray pants underneath the robes. He is often seen with a scowl on his face.
Personality: Porceau's personality is summed up in one word: arrogant. He is reckless, egocentric, impatient, and selfish. He often underestimates his opponent when battling. To Irene's chagrin, he almost never follows her instructions, no matter how nicely she asks.
Custom Weapon: A silver saber (or "sabre" as he calls it, Iggy likes being fancy). It glows blue when charging.
Sig Attack: (Thanks RevivedSin, you have the authority to mash up my navi in hambugers <3)
Bloody Rage
Porceau rushes at his enemy and slices/brutally mulitilates/mauls him/her seven times.
Needless violence, blood and carnage included. Definitely not for the faint-hearted (like Irene, for example).
7 attacks of 10.
2-turn cooldown.
Heeeeyo! Welcome to the RP section of the forum (which is the main part, anyhow. ^^;)

Anyways, your registration looks good! Just a minor squabble.

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Personality: Porceau's personality is summed up in one word: arrogant. He is reckless, egocentric, and selfish. He is often the first one to run into battle and come back screaming like a six-year-old with a bunch of metools at his butt. Despite this, he has his "nice" moments and can be a ladies' man if he wanted.

That seems less arrogant than hypocritical. Or cowardly. Why the running away like a six-year-old?

Oh, and you need a CoolDown on that attack. Seems to me like a 2-turn CD.

Any questions? Feel free to ask any of the staff.
Well sorry, it's kind of confusing. ^^;

Porceau's personality is sort of like Ares, you know, violent and cowardly.

Oh well, I'll reword more nicely. :3
It all looks good to me, now.

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