Seraphim's SP Upgraded

Modified Total of Bugfrags: 115*4=460 (round up)=500

Total Levels: 4+5+10=19=+3 Navi Levels, SP is Level 19.

Support Program Statistics:

Level: 19
HP: 80
Attack: 10
Actions: 2
Type: Fire
Sub-Type: Wind
Appearance: Seraphim's Support Unit takes the form of his clothing, and his armor. It manifests as a sort of 'armor', which is both pliable and flexible, perfect for Seraphim's agile tactics.

From top to bottom, the first part are pairs of soft contact lenses, which use a virtual retinal display to broadcast an HUD that labels and paints each enemy with a target by inscribing the image directly into his retina, and identifies each ally by name, as well as notes that Seraphim can edit. It can analyze enemy attacks, ranking their threat rating, as well as highlighting possible escape routes. Unfortunately, Seraphim only sometimes listens to these alerts. The contact lenses themselves are 'clear' with emerald green irises.

The 'armor' starts with a somewhat oversized seamless grey-brown collar, which is part of a protective vest with two coat-tails going out to the sides. Seraphim's emblem is covered by the vest itself. It is made from a weave of kevlar, with the added addition of isotope-silicon nanowires wrapped around micro-anodes embedded in the weave. These play a triple role, being used as a Faraday cage, absorbing energy for weapons/defense use, and the 'armor' is both durable and reusable, as the matrix of 'batteries' in the armor form a reactive barrier which helps to prevent damage from even breaching past the first layer, disintegrating projectiles, and highly miniaturized-transformers funnel more energy into the batteries.

Seraphim's white 'undershirt' is made from a mixture of shock-reducing carbon fiber, sandwiched between a layer of stiff canvas. It is oversized at the sleeves, coming down to just above his elbows. A single coat-tail extends down the back of the opened vest.

Kevlar-battery-weave gauntlets of the same type of the vest armor adorn Seraphim's hands, being slightly oversized and strapped down. However, on the knuckles and top of the hand, there are ceramic plates, also known as 'trauma plates', usually used in ballistic armor, but serve very well as bludgeoning weapons, if needed.

His baggy cargo pants are silk, and are kept firmly in place by a leather belt, although the boots he wears cuts them off at a couple inches below the knees, causing them to drape slightly over his boots.

The boots are possibly one of the most unique parts of Seraphim's 'armor', using the same Kevlar-battery-weave, but with comfortable gel inlay, as well as ceramic blast tile soles, with micro-jets inside. These additions cause it to have a completely different usage. The integrated batteries drain power from the entire suit to create brief plasma jets, similar to those used on a scramjet, blasting as quick and almost unnoticeable blue glows. (Aside from the prominent black scorch marks on the ground, of course.)

Seraphim is not currently aware of the existence of his support program, and simply refers to his armor as a leveled upgrade that he's received from his battles. The core of the support program is currently assimilating itself with Seraphim's base core data. If his 'armor' is dismissed, per-say, the batteries merely stop collecting power, and the raw Kevlar weave is made much more ineffective. If Seraphim takes on another appearance, say a cross, His S.U. models to that graphics change, changing itself to fit the occasion.

Support Program Basic Abilities:

Hit Point+: V1: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 10 Bugfrags]
Hit Point+: V2: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 20 Bugfrags]
Hit Point+: V3: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 30 Bugfrags]
Hit Point+: V4: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 40 Bugfrags]

Speed+: V1: +1 Max action for SP. [+5 Levels to SP] [Cost: 100 Bugfrags]

Support Program 'Special' Abilities:

Team: Mobility Junction: Ability to carry Navi or be ridden upon by a Navi without serious penalties. The SP may move and dodge for the Navi while equipped, form permitting. [100 Bugfrags]

Flight: Planeswalking: Grants protection from Terrain effects as if SP had Floatshoes. The SP does not necessarily float. [200 Bugfrags]

Remaining Bugfrags: 0
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