1st GMO

Name: Shadiya.GMO

Description: This GMO entails the following graphical changes on Djinni's original design.
- The turban upon her head and veil in front of her face are removed, her hair remains in the same style. The transceivers placed upon her ears are now more clearly visible.
- The rings levitating above her shoulders slide to behind her shoulder blades and the flames lose their influence of Marid and Ghoul. From the rings emerge four flames in a wing-shaped pattern.
- The bracelet and ring around each of her arms shrink slightly in size.
- The ring around her waist has been become slimmer, being similar to a belt.
- She now has legs which are covered by a pair of white pants. These are slim at the top and slim at the end, but wide between these points. The pants are slightly transparent and a white bikini bottom is visible below it. The bottom of the pants are encircled by a golden ring on each leg.
- She wears light brown shoes that only cover her feet.
- Unlike her original form, she now uses two black handguns to attack with. They do not have any mode for melee attacks.
So its essentially Jasmine from Disney's "Aladdin," packing heat... kinky.