Name: Compressor.GMO (Level 0 GMO)

Description: Fitting to the name, Magna's form shrinks down to that of a more normal, humanoid Navi. To be more specific, he takes the basic shape of a GuardNavi model, retaining his purple color scheme with pale yellow undertones. Additionally, the Compressor's armor is just a bit thicker than normal, most particularly at the chest, boots, and gloves, which is perhaps a throwback to Magna's default body. Like other GuardNavis, Magna's face is covered by a blast shield, although that itself only runs to the tip of Magna's nose, exposing his mouth and the plain-colored skin around it. The eye slit on the shield is covered by an opaque orange visor, giving no clue towards Magna's eye color. His signature piston is redirected to a barrel-shaped attachment on his right arm. This apparatus houses a 2-inch thick cylinder that emulates all of Magna's piston-based attacks at full power, despite its reduced size. The barrel itself has a small vent on its back that lets out some steam every time the cylinder is launched, giving it the feel of being hydraulic-powered. Finally, his palms are still embedded with the shutters that work his buster, although they too are smaller to fit the Compressor design.
Interesting adaptation of the old Guard Navi frame. I like it.