Rai is capable of plot!?!?!

So yeah, After lookin around, I decided my operator didn't stand out enough. Kenji has all kinds of fun quirks, but Keito seems a bit lack luster. So I decided to give him a background to explain why he's so... keito.

Background: Keito has always been an unenthusiastic person, but shockingly enough, when he was younger he was even more withdrawn. Keito lived with his parents in a small house in ACDC town along with his two sisters Ibuki and Mika. Ibiki, his little sister by 5 years, was into games of all kinds, video, computer, tabletop, etc. She was constantly trying to get Keito more active and social, but he found games boring and troublesome. Ibiki was the polar opposite of Keito, she was always playful and social, she had an aura around her that seemed to make everyone around her cheerful in the darkest times. The older of the sisters, Mako, was more physical than her younger siblings. She began martial arts when she was young, and was quite skilled for her age, winning many tournaments across the country. She was very... playful with her siblings, favoring a headlock to a hug. Mako was always very protective of her family, defending them from other kids or boys who set there sights on her little sister.

Keito wasn't very good at showing emotion to others, but he still cared deeply for his family. His family has always been tight with money, but he wanted to do something to help. He got a job when he was twelve at a local shop to help pay for his expenses. After working and saving for about a year, he realized Ibiki's birthday was coming soon and he wanted to do something special for her. After scraping together what remained of his savings, he bought her an older modeled PET. Although it was a bit outdated and slightly used, Ibiki loved it and thanked him greatly for it. She programmed her first navi into it, Kira. Kira was modeled after her older sister, rash, protective, hot-headed, and physical. Keito didn't really see how she could get so much joy from a hunk of metal, but he still smiled knowing she was happy.

When He was fifteen, his father got a new job in Netopia, and his family had to move. Keito protested against leaving his hometown, his school and job were too important to disturb, and wanted to stay behind. Mako by this time was in her twenties and had her own apartment, Keito's parents decided it was alright for him to live with her. Ibiki was deeply saddened by the idea of having to leave behind her brother and sister, and left Keito her PET as a gift to remember her.

The first few months since Keito began living away from his family, he became increasingly antisocial, often holing himself alone in his room for days. He eventually stumbled across his sister's PET and decided to fiddle with it. Keito had little experience with electronics, but decided to tinker with it to liven his spirits. He downloaded an instructional guide off the net, and began reprogramming the device. In his work, he accidentally overrode Kira's programming, essentially deleting her. After several weeks of tampering with the PET's codes, he gave life to Kenji. With another rambuncious partner in his life, Keito seemed to soften up a bit and gain a more social persona. Kenji seemed to have the same affect on Keito as his sister did, and actually made him happy for the first time in months. Despite all the insults and shenanigans Kenji seems to dish out, Keito has grown a close bond with the effeminate little weirdo, and sees him as his balance.
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