First GMO for the Doc

GMO name: Dimensionman Black

Description: The most distinct trait in this Graphic Model Overide is his visor, which is normally black but is designed to reflect light in flashy patterns with no real functional use, besides maybe to block out some of the light that can be created out of his attacks. Right above the visor however, is the regular doctor headgear we usually see DNR wearing. His armor is aggressively dark black, composed of a rounded helmet, gloves, boots, and chest armor with high, triangular shoulders. His undersuit is black and baggy; it looks like it was designed for someone with a much heavier build, and is quite baggy. He usually wears the Dimensionman trademark heroic grin into battle, although it looks a bit more demonic with DNR at the helm for some reason. His body is that of around a seventeen or eighteen year olds. Underneath his helmet, his hair is the same, with a case of helmet-head. His eyes are normally bright red. He wears a purple belt with the Dimensionman symbol displayed on the front, with the vital sign symbol DNR has right in the background, and a golden sci-fi laser pistol hanging from the side, with the trademark symbol on the barrel. There is a glittery silver panel embedded into one of his gloves; this is the infamous DimensionJumper, which he uses as a replacement for his Defibrillator Gauntlets. Most of his design is based on Polonius' childhood comic-book hero of the same name. He decided, after 7+ years of watching the Dimensionman Sentai Show, to create this outfit for his navi, in honor of the Superman that inspired some of their more devastating moves. His scalpel sword, Myocardium has also taken a different image from his override: it has become a laser scalpel sword named the DimensionScalpel.
This should be okay, pending Aim's approval of the use of his stuff.

By the way, this is a pretty awesome idea.