GMO #1
Due to the rising amounts of Navis wearing normal clothes, Area has made one for Persephone as well.
Persephone's standard armor disappears from trace, except the one-piece bodysuit, and makes place for a dark red shirt, that hangs slightly lopsided to the left side. The sleeves are longer than her arms and the sleeve on the left side hangs lower than the right one, causing her left hand to be unseen while the right one is visible. The collar of the shirt is slightly wider than normal, making it possible to hang lopsided. The length of the shirt goes from her neck to halfway her upper legs.
Covering her hands are black gloves that cover her entire hands. On the right glove are 7 small gemstones in the colors purple, grey, yellow, green, red, light blue and silver.
Below the shirt she wears a pair of jean-shorts that comes as far as where her shirt stops.
Covering her feet are normal sneakers with the colors black and white. She also wears a pair of white socks that come barely higher than her shoes.
Her glasses also disappear, making place for black sunglasses. Around her neck falls a necklace with a small silver cross hanging from it.