GMO:Human Siren

In this GMO, Siren becomes about 6'4, has silvery white hair that reaches down to her sholders, white skin, she weairs a large cloak that covers her body, but under it, she has a pink tank top, grey shorts, a pair of blue open toed sandles and she has ruby red lips and nails, while her eyes turn into a calm sea blue. While in this GMO, she has a pair of fake wings, that don't alow her to fly of course, but the feathers are made of a light metal that flys off the wings and attacks the enemies when she uses chip attacks, or her signature attacks, though she has a beautiful voice when she sings, as long as she does not attack, her custom weapon stays the same though.
I guess that works. Don't get too creative with how that feather attack works... ^^; Still, this looks fine. Approved.