GMO Request

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You MUST complete an IPC mission before requesting one, otherwise it will be denied instantly.

Idunno if that applies to your free one.


Cyon's cheast splits open as if it is a dragon's mouth, but underneath it is armor. Once it reaches his shoulders, the shoulderpads change. At this point, his arms and legs simultaneously morph into the basic form of the armor. After that, the "minor details (spikes, ornamentation, etc) form on it. Then, his head glows, and as it fades the new head is there. Then, his body seem's to puls toward his buster arm, with a dragon's head coming out of his fist as a continuation of the pulse.


His entire body is covered with an old fashioned knight's plate armor. He has seperate, ornate shoulder pads (shaped like a dragon's upper mouth, including teeth) with decorative spikes on them. On the back of said shoulderpads there are metallic "hands of a dragon" reaching outward.His upper arms have decorations on them, which seem to be etched and/or painted on. His elbow plate extends to a point slightly past his elbow, meaning a sharp edge would stick out if he bent his arm. His lower arm is literally covered in "scale mail", with overlapping scales running to his wrist. His hands are covered in a light, flexible material, with a small plate covering the back of his hand. His upper legs are somewhat bulky, with some small downward running spines, and more of the decorations. His knee pads consist of a seperate plate, which is stylized, and has an additional spike. His lower legs is less decorative, but adorned nonetheless. He has typical metalic boots. His helmet essentially consists of a European Dragon's head, hollowed out and mounted on his head. His buster is a dragon's mouth, very similar to his helmet. The colors may change, but must mantain a consistency amongst themselves. The buster shts are fired from the dragon's mouth, and the visual aspect of chips may change.

Not sure if allowed requests:
The ability to shrink the helmet into a simple headband at will, and having (useless) wings on the back.