Rise of the GMO

GMO #1

Persephone's clothing and armor disappears entirely while tattered bandages wrap around her chest, lower arms, lower legs and crotch. The bandages look similar to those of an ancient mummy. A set of bandages also appears around her eyes, going around her head entirely, to block her eyesight.
On her lower arms appear long gloves that reach up halfway her lower arm with the bandages coming underneath. The gloves cover her fingers as well and are entirely black with two red lines going over the top that reach out to the jewel that's embedded in the top of each glove. From the side of each glove comes a chain that entwines itself around the other so Persephone's hands can barely move around, which is done to intensify the bond with her Immortals.
On her feet are boots that come halfway her lower leg, the bandages sticking out of it as with the gloves, and are black in color with two red stripes flowing over the front. On the top of each boot is a red jewel exactly the same as those on her gloves.
Flowing around appears a dark shadow that has deep red glowing eyes and commands two floating hands that are embraced by a red aura. Persephone attacks, sees and decides her movements through the spirit while also being assisted by the Immortals which can use the dark shadow as channeling point. The spirit cannot move too far from Persephone and is practically always stuck on her, but it can also disappear from view while maintaining its abilities to allow Persephone her sight. The shadow is always visible during battles.

GMO #2 will come on a later date. This is it for now.
Kinky, but otherwise within boundary.