From what I understand about the rules, I get one free GMO at level 0. I don't need to do an IPC mission to be able to use the first one, right? I hope not. Well, with no further waiting, here be the GMO.

AdrianX immediately takes a startling change in size. He drops to all four legs and shrinks to about 6'' long. He grows a thick layer of white fur, which appears over his jumpsuit, which appears to disappear without a trace. His face changes to a fox-like face, and he gains a puffy white tail. While in this form, he has sharp claws, which he can use to attack the enemy. He can still use his light sphere attacks if he wishes, but claws become his preferred attack.

Custom Weapon Changes to: Claws (Secondary: Light Spheres)
A question before I approve this... Does he turn into an animal or does he keep his human-like face? I'll spoil the surprise, but it'd look VERY weird. If you get my drift. And no tail?
Editted to answer your question.
That looks better.