Roy and Bugman

I noticed that my profiles have exceedingly little detail. I'd like to replace them with these new ones.

Quote (Roy Stevens)

Operator: Roy Stevens

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Quite tall, easily the tallest in his age group. Dark green hair sits untidily combed upon his wide crown, alongside short, average looking ears. A pair of circle, shaded glasses dominates his eyes, occasionally slipping, much to his annoyance. Regularly seen wearing a maroon fleece with a "ROCKETSAUCE" badge pinned on the lower right pocket. The zip is kept short at the bottom, revealing a light green t-shirt marked with the Bugman symbol through the V-shaped gap. Dark blue trousers with two white stipes down each leg covers his thighs and knees, slightly above his dark, velcro strap shoes. A thin silver chain runs from his fleece collar down to his chest, where it is attached to Bugman's navy-green PET.

Personality: Likes the company of other people, as long as he doesn't have to talk much. Isolating, yet in want of friendship and trust, helping on the battlefield with Bugman as a support navi. Prefers to follow, rather than lead. Kind enough to comrades, incredibly patient and has a soft spot for girls. A recent examianation shows his eye-to-brain speed is phenominal, allowing for pre-rendered plans to be operated on a whim. Unfortunately, most other cranium functions tend to be rather slow in comparrison. A favoured hobby of computer games has caused him to be reluctant to expose himself to sunlight.

Hit: Cool spots

Miss: Bright sunlight

PET Modifications: Green with a blue trimming. The corners are noticably longer, mimicking the wings of Bugman, boosting it's signal power over vast distances.

Quote (Bugman.EXE)

NetNavi: Bugman.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Wind

Appearance: Chest height compared to your average NormalNavi. His fluctuating green hue describes his mood for all to see. As far as clothes go, he wears darkish blue gloves and boots for his stumpy arms and legs. A permanently cheery face hides his true emotion, betrayed only by his skin. Up top, a green spyglass stands on a strong, plastic-like plating that runs down his back, keeping his six wings from being damaged when not in use. Bugman's symbol is displayed on his back.


Personality: Loyal and light-hearted. Childish acts of making up words and being air-headed is a mask for a ferocious, dark entity. Pain brings to mind the suffering of others, which gets his data boiling. Otherwise, mostly serious. Prefers to be told what to do and have pre-battle tactics for combos.

Hit: Making friends

Miss: Being alone

Custom Weapon: Severing Spotlight- A sharp spear of light fired towards the enemy from Bugmans headpiece.

Zephyr Compression: Green, bendy beams of light erupt from Bugman's glass headpiece, homing onto the targets. Once attached, they will begin to squeeze the space surrounding the target. (70 devisable damage, 2-turn Cooldown.)

Thank you.
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