Crimson Royale

Junior takes on an alternate form, one of justice and charming. He gains a red maskerade mask, that covers the area on his face around his eyes and nose. The outlining on the mask is purple. His boots turn to black, shiney shoes and he gains white gloves. He gains a purple suit, complemented by purple dress pants. Golden buttons run up from the bottom of the suit, slightly to the left of the center of his chest. Over his right shoulder, hanging down just past the waist, is a red cape. A large, golden tombstone with musical note sits over the shoulder, attaching the cape to the rest of his costume.

His hair gains length and the ability to strech. It gains quite a bit of strength, due to excellent conditioners (its about as hard to rip or cut as his arm). It stays in a ponytail, the end being tied with the circular end of a kunai. He uses hair whips to attack, the kunai being used for normal and sword attacks. For projectiles, the kunai shifts shapes.((Name provided by RevivedSin))
I am Shuryou and I approve, basically because I love GMOs.
NakedNinja makes its return without, well... The nakedness.