I was told to register this as it'll have a semi-bigger role than expected at first.

Kaiser is a griffin in form and in size similar to a full-grown lion in real life, big enough to sit upon and ride similar to a horse. His lion part has silver fur while the falcon part has dark silver feathers. Over his right eye is a black scar which disables the eyesight of that eye. On his back he wears a metallic saddle in a silver with gold design. This was necessary as Divinity will ride Kaiser into battle for Signature Attacks and 'might' receive an 'upgrade' in the future, if you get what I mean.
Kaiser.EXE is an assisting program for Divinity to assist her with some attacks in battles. He will be around Divinity all the time, EXCEPT in battles unless he's summoned. When Divinity is in a battle, he usually stays close to Area as hologram form because he doesn't like the emptiness of the PET when Divinity is out fighting. He can't talk. Only growl, snarl and make bird sounds. He can't be summoned to defend against attacks or such, unless stated otherwise. Kaiser can shift from hologram form to net world form through a similar beam of light as Divinity uses to appear.
He CAN fly, also when Divinity is riding him. He is a part of Divinity and therefore shares NaviCust too.[/color] ((FloatShoes, even though I'll never take it off))

ALL IN ALL, he's fluff in RPing and for future Signature Attacks. I decided to take a Defense/Offense way and decided Divinity needs a warhorse of some kind.