Furry nurse.GMO

apearance:Nikko's body changes into a tall nurse, she has the usual atire that a nurse would wear, but it's in a light pink instead of the usual white, he body becomes more or less human though as she keeps her usual cat ears and her tail but instead of fur for hur face, body, arms, legs etc. is skin besides her tail and ears, her hair becomes a light pink as well but her eyes become a deep sea blue and she wears a pair of heels on her feet.
weapon:she has a large syrenge that is slightly shorter than her.
chip attacks:her syrenge fires needles at the enmy if it's a chip like a shotgun or cannon, it becomes smaller and more compact if it's a sword chip, if it's an elemental chip the syrenge fills with blue, red, yellow or green lquid and fires at the enemy in the needle, if a guard chip is used the syrenge becomes bigger and much tougher.
...? :'D wut?

Uh... approved, I think. In the mod sense of the word.