Name: Badass_Hottie.GMO
Description: Red grows to about 5'8" in height. Her new figure is slim, and her breasts are slightly bigger, curving slenderly along her figure, not that you can see it though. Her main body is covered by a long, white, long-sleeve cloak that reaches to her ankles. The cloak has two pockets on her right at left side, near her waist, where she constantly keeps her hands in. She still wears long white stocking that go to her knees. Her footwear consists of black boots, ready to probably slam into someone's side if they piss her off enough. A red scarf is adorned along her neck, replacing her hooded cloak of her child form. She wears black leather gloves on her hands. Her head hasn't changed much, it looks like that scarf is covering most of the area under her nose though. The same short, brown hair flows neatly on the top of her head, but her once cheerful blue eyes have turned into an icy-cold azure. If looks could kill, I would suggest not looking at her eyes.
Custom Buster: Body. Red uses her fists, feet, head, mouth, legs, arms, and whatnot to deal damage to the enemy.
Charge Shot: Randomly, Red grabs a random telephone booth that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, rips it out of the ground with an insane look on her face, and slams it over the enemy's head.
XD, attacks with mouth...

APPROVED, you Red Hot Hottie.