As odd as it is, Chris retains a passion of mythology, be it Arabic, Egyptian, Japanese, or Greek. As such, he decided to give Binary the ability to transform itself into a form so different from its ordinary form, it actually temporarily makes the form his default graphic model, making his title end with a .EXE instead of .GMO. He named these files .NMO's, or Navi Model Overrides. The first of these is Chris' favorite part of Arabic mythology.

Name: 1001.EXE
Gender: Male

Appearance: Binary morphs into the form off a djinn of Arabic myth. His skin is royal purple in color. His upper torso is broad and very muscular, with six arms normally folded across his chest.. His face is sharp-edged, and he speaks in a deep, echoing tone, although he has no eyes whatsoever on his face. He has no hair whatsoever to speak of; he is completely cueball bald. On his lower torso, he wears poofy white pants, tied around the waist with a golden rope, and around the ankles with golden thread. He goes barefoot, and instead of walking, actually floats a good foot off the ground, looking like he's leaning back against something with his arms folded. (no mechanical differences) The strangest thing about 1001, though, is if you look closely, you'll see a myriad of small creases in his skin, one thousand and one to be exact. These are actually a myriad of miniscule closed eyes, all over his body. The one thousand and first is where a normal person's eyes would be, and is larger than the rest. The eyes rarely open, and when they do, it will be either to attack, to look around, or just to look scary. They flash colors depending on what 1001 is feeling, but otherwise will be gold as gold.

Personality: 1001's personality is like that of a very good lawyer. Extremely persuasive, a loud voice, dramatic at certain times, and tries his best to be just and honourable. This can, however, waver if a particularly rude insult is made, or some other crime worthy of 1001.

Weapons: For 1001's custom weapons, he can fire off blasts of purple energy. If up close, he can use his muscular arms enveloped in the same energy to deliver punishing blows. For the charged shot, he'll tend to simply make a stronger variation on these, but make them considerably flashier. All signature attacks function the same, except that they just look different.

Does it fly for a level 0 .GMO, or .NMO in this case?
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Just calll it a GMO like every other member, OK? Personality shouldn't magically change with GMOs, but whatever floats your boat... Just don't make it seem as if it's because of that GMO.

And there aren't any limits for GMOs, whenever you get them.