Requesting Backup for Expedition

To whom this may concern,

During a recent virus bust in a remote sector of Electown Net, I was attacked by a predator of unusual size and lethality. My Operator and I were able to drive it into hiding, but a lesser-prepared Navi would have faced considerable danger had they encountered it instead. Thus, I am preparing an expedition to track and eliminate the beast before it recovers and causes further damage. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

My Operator's PET listed its designation as 'Myriad.F.Seek'. Anyone with information on this being or others like it, be it known whereabouts or clues to its identity, can send their findings here or to my email. The beast is capable of subterranean travel through magma, and I intend to follow its path from the point it fled. Anyone who should wish to join the cause should ideally have protection from hot terrain, whether by element or an OilBody program. I have attached its last-known coordinates, and a screenshot that should display our quarry (I am the Navi in the foreground, for scale).

As this will be my own undertaking, I have no expectations of payment. That being said, I would accept a donation of Fire-element battlechips for future battles.


ATTACHED: PET Screenshot.img, coordinates.dat,
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Let's just tuck this one away nice and safely before any well-meaning GNA folks pick it up. That's better.

What you've got there is definitely a Myriad virus, no mistake, but no fibbing now... were you messing around down in the rogues or chaos before your time? Those nasties don't come up as high as the top level nets. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone... but if you took an excursion down and it chased you back as prey, maybe lesson learned, huh?

Still, if it came up to the location you've got listed there, that's going to need taken care of. You might have been able to see it off, and hey, well done on that, but a lot of folks in the regular nets wouldn't be that lucky or capable...

Tell you what... I've got a few more deliveries to make and a few loose ends to tie up, but cleaning this up is on my list now, so, if you want in, and you want to help, meet me back at the last place you saw it about three and a half hours from the sending time of this message. I won't say no to a capable pair of hands, and there'll be something nice in it for you if you hold up well.

See you there.

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