Mission Request: SPcore(1).dat


To Those It May Concern,

My operator and myself are in need of a 'Category 1 SP core' and were told that this forum was the best place to go looking for one. If anybody has work that they would deem suitable in exchange for such a part, we would be interested in hearing from you. I am still new to virus busting as is my operator if this is a requirement. We don't want to set any false expectations, but I can promise any potential clients that we'll try our hardest to help.

Well well, what have we here?

Looking for a support core, are we? Some free knowledge for you and your operator; thank me later... Most people who want to get assigned an official mission from those paper-clips up in the GNA usually submit through the actual mission request system. Tickets and threads sent into the wilds down here often get lost.

And then, dear Amity, they get found again.

So, here is my offer: you need a support core, and I can certainly pay you with one. I have a little excursion I'd like an innocuous navi to make for me. It's not dangerous, unless you want to make it that way. A stroll across a beach, and a swim beneath some waves. Don't tell the fish I said hello or breathing might get more difficult. You just need to look; what we see and what we learn is often far more valuable than what we take.

If you're game, Little Miss Amity, I have a core ready and waiting for you. Message back, and if you're in, we'll talk more in person. Somewhere safe, don't worry.

Hello CrypticMan,

Thank you for your response. If those are your terms, we accept.
Please advise where to meet.


Here's a link to a public location we can meet and discuss further details.

Beach Net

See you soon