Uh, hello?

So, I randomly searched for the name of a Rockman.EXE forum that went defunct over a decade ago and I ended up on here, I see couple of familiar names here, thought I'd join and say hi.

I went by the same name back then, I dunno if anyone will recognise me. :) I haven't been on a forum that has anything to do with MMBN since like, 2008, 2009? This brings back the kind of feeling I had back then.
Heya, and welcome! Or possibly welcome back!

We've moved location a couple of times in moderately recent history. Back in 2008/9 I think we were at.... I don't even remember. That was before zeta, and before the one before that, too, I think....

At any rate, welcome ^.^
Have a look around, browse some threads and check out the rules if you like - they can seem a bit dense to begin with, but it really looks more intimidating that it is - we're pretty laid back for the most part, and we cater to most types of RP, depending on what you're after (solo or group, combat or social, serious or silly, it's all good).

the chat link should send you to the discord we use - that's where most OOC conversation happens and where folks hang out, chat and arrange RP threads together.
Yeah, I've moved around forums few times back then haha, I remember there used to be dozens of MMBN forums, now there's maybe 4 or 5 still around.

I've looked around quite a bit before registering, I don't think I've RP'd since EXEHQ days and even then I've only barely did it, so it'll be new to me, if I do decide to get into it. :p

Also, I think the Discord link points to a different Discord, the description doesn't seem to match anything about this place, and the invite link is expired anyway, just so you know.
Hmm... it should be working fine. Seems to hook up when I click it at least...

Try this one:

Welcome, possibly-newcomer! Always glad to see a new name pop up.

Basically, what Rogan said, there's invariably a bunch of us spamming up the Discord at any given time, and we're happy to help with character creation should you go that route.
Welcome back! I think a decade ago we might have been "Chaos Network".