Vasilia's Signatures

Point Pool:
80/160 available
(80 start, + 80 from upgrades)
sp denotes Sig Points from Vasilia's natural pool.
np denotes Nerf Points derived from Nerfs.

Sigil of Gathering - Charge Time 1 then (Pull + Glitch)xBlast 2 - 2 TCD
(10+20)x2 = 60 = 40sp + 20np

Kick Out! - 2-Hit Shield and Counter(Last Shield broken): 10 Wood + Knockback + Self Slow - 2 TCD
(20 × 2) + 20 = 40sp + 20np

Sigil of Defense
Vasilia traces a sigil, on herself or another target, that generates a shimmery sphere of magic.
20 HP Barrier + 20 HP Casing
20 sp + 20 sp = 40sp

Sigil of Alertness
An eye is sketched onto Vasilia's Broom, animating it in defense of its mistress. When harm comes her way it brushes off some of the damage then forms a clone from its straw, then slaps the enemy in retaliation.
(Charge Burner) Trap(Damaging Attack Against Vasilia): (15 Healing) Then (Decoy) Then (20 Wood Melee)
20 sp + 20 sp + 20 np

160sp used. 60np used.
That all looks correct to me.
Be sure to note the cooldowns of your new signatures:
Sigil of Defence has 1TCD
Sigil of Alertness has 2TCD

You're approved.
ah yes, thank you!