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SUBJECT: Your New Chip!

Please enjoy your new chip, courtesy of Soryu's Chip Shop! Thank you for participating in this event and come back to Soryu's whenever chips are what you need!

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Attached: Asteroid3Damage: 40 x 6 + Drop Attack + Blast Zone
Accuracy: D
Description: The user selects a target, then flaming meteors crash down onto and around them.
Duration: Once
Element: Fire
Special: Drop Attack: This attack originates above the battlefield, and falls to the ground. It gains one rank of accuracy against High Altitude targets.
Special: Blast Zone: The area this chip can target in is the equivalent of a Blast 3 area, centered on the chosen target. It will randomly target anything within this area, including the user if they are in that area. Mass Destruction does not affect Blast Zone's size.
Trader Rank: B