Counterinfectualists for Creel


We disciples of Counterinfectualism would like to offer our services for a zenny reward. Two of my SPs should be in NetMafia records, those being Bhikkhuni and Mary, but I also have another new team member named Yajna. The four of us remain devout in our desire to serve Counterinfectualism by eliminating evil wherever it resides, but to that end, we desire the tools and funding of the NetMafia- chips and zenny, namely. As such, we are willing to serve in whatever capacity seems best suited to our abilities.

If possible, it might be best if we avoid another encounter with Stunt, as we encountered some significant difficulties in our recruitment drive last time thanks to his interference.

Best regards,
I let the whole Creel gang know about your qualifications and we got this bite immediately. Lucky you. See below.


Exorcist and fellow Counterinfectualists,

It's so good to hear from you. As a matter of fact, I have a very interesting opportunity I believe you may be uniquely qualified to help with. This represents an unprecedented opportunity for both the NetMafia, and for you!

Never let it be said that the NetMafia doesn't help its own. How would you like a chance to speak to a broad audience about the tenants of your religion in real time, help promote the Mafia, and get paid for doing it? I'm sure you can't say no.

There are a few small details we can take care of as soon as you arrive, but please confirm your interest first. That said, we've already made preparations for your arrival. Looking forward to seeing you with a smile on my face!

Creel Family Opportunities and Outreach Liaison
Burt Blanchard here! I just wanted to jump in and say that you are soooo right about the NetMafia helping its own! So my girls just do whatever you're asking, then we get all kind of nice weapons and zenny, aaand we get to talk about Counterinfectualism all we want? This could just be the greatest mission in the history of missions! You really are too good to us!

I'd be happy to send you reading material on Counterinfectualism too, of course. But if you're going to meet the gals, you can just ask them in person! That can be my gift back to the Mafia. Trust me, it's worth much more than any chip or money you could give us! It's impossible to value, really, but I encourage you to try! After Exxy provides her exemplary performance, of course~

-Burt J. Blanchard
Professor of Religious Studies (and Counterinfectualism)


I can tell we're going to get along famously, Professor Blanchard. But please, save your efforts. I'm sure I'll learn all I need to know from your girls if they're as excellent as you say.

You will be rewarded in due time once you meet us at the designated location. See you shortly!

And that's it. Coordinates will dump you at some no-name's webpage, so there's no info. MicrophoneGirl. Nothing known or nothing to report? Grin would probably warn you if you were walking into danger, but keep your head on all the same.

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