If one journeyed to ElecTown, they would find apartment complexes here and there. And if one ventured into one of them, they'd locate a specific apartment. And if one went inside that apartment...they were probably a ghost, because that apartment's door was locked tight. And even if it was open for some reason, a curtain prevented one from seeing the inside. But beyond the curtain, was a room filled with servers and computer equipment. The bedroom at the far end seemed to be lacking in beds, instead filled with unused computer parts and pieces. A small kitchen area to the left, and the bathroom in-between, seemed to be thankfully free of them. Tucked into a corner of the main room was a cot, and near that was a large computer desk, with some surprising amounts of workspace available. Then again, considering the floor was so filled with computer stuff that there were basically little more than paths to the other room for floor, it made sense in an odd way that the desk wouldn't be cluttered.

And sitting in front of that desk, dutifully typing, was the sole occupant of the apartment, by the name of Hina Rakurai. She was quite tall, but also incredibly skinny, to the point where at a glance she could be mistaken for a pretty man. "And...that'll do it."

Next to the keyboard lay a PET, from which a hologram of a female Navi appeared. "Oh? Done already?"

"Of course. You think something like that would take a while? It only has to work on me, anyway. It's ready for download, so if you would..."

"Roger." A few seconds later, a ding could be heard from the PET. "Voice synthesizer download complete."

"I'm pretty sure I coded it properly, but it couldn't hurt to test..." Hina grabbed her PET, and pressed a button. "Greetings, world. I am Mystery Hacker X."

"Aside from that name, not bad."

"At least it-oops." Unpress button. "At least it works. With this, no one will know who's operating you from my voice. And that makes my job all the easier."

"Yes, you told me this before you made the program. So, what now? Maybe we should test the chips and such that I managed to swipe the other day?"

"Why else do you think I made that voice synthesizer? Gotta take the training wheels off sooner or later, or making you was a waste of time."

"Good, I've been training while you slept. Though it'd be a lot easier if I had a homepage or something for that..."

"Someone like me doesn't need a homepage. I might as well put up a welcome mat that says 'I'm a hacker, please arrest me now, government. Besides, I already have links to places all around the world, and I can keep them organized just fine without some homepage."

"I understand, but...never mind."

"Now, before we start, there's one thing we need to check out."

"And that is?"

"I've heard of something called virus bounties. Apparently, they let you fight a random virus over and over again for fun and profit. Fun I'm not too worried about, but profit means I'd like to give it a try."

"All right. Where is it?"

"NetFrica Area. I'll jack you in." Hmm. It'd been so long since she had a Navi she almost forgot the most basic function of the PET. Almost. "Jack in! OpticWoman, Execute!"


A couple of minutes later, the blue and black Navi was back within the PET, with a piece of paper. "I'm back. NetFrica...I wasn't there for long, but I felt like I was going to fry..."

"Yeah, between the jungles, and the deserts, and the savannahs, NetFrica's known for being super hot. I mean, I like it warm, it's how I can survive dealing with all the heat from these servers, but that every day? No thanks."

"At any rate, I've picked out a suitable virus bounty. The one in question is Billy. It drops chips I like, and it appears in your next slated...attempt's location."

"You checked that? Good, it wouldn't do to pick another area."

"You've been keeping me in the dark thus far, but exactly what's the mission?"

"I guess I should tell you, since we're about to begin. I've managed to track down something juicy in SciLab. Highly classified info. If we can acquire it, we can sell it for a whole lot of money."

"I suppose you couldn't tell me exactly what it is I'll be looking for, could you?"

"Well, I'm not entirely sure what it is, either. But my sources are reliable, so I'm comfortable saying that something's there."

"So it's a 'we'll know it when we see it' thing. Nothing for it, I guess. All right, ready to start."

"No sense in wasting any more time. Get ready!" Point PET at computer port again. "Jack in! OpticWoman, Execute!"