Name: OpticWoman.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Shadow
Appearance: OpticWoman stands at a rather tall 5'11", even taller than her operator. Her design is actually fairly simple: start with an all-black Navi suit, then add blue Navi armor that covers the chest and upper back, and the outer sides of her thighs, and complete it with a Navi helmet, gloves, boots, and what would appear to be a bikini bottom. Despite having golden irised eyes, a light blue visor on her helmet somewhat hides the color. One quirk of the Navi suit is that sometimes, lines of light will course over it and glow yellow. OpticWoman can supress this when she needs to remain hidden, but otherwise lets it happen. This effect intensifies when exerting a lot of strength.

On her chest armor is her emblem, a blue triangle emitting the visible EM spectrum.

Personality: Compared to her operator, OpticWoman has a stronger moral compass, but that's not saying much, as she's often perfectly fine with performing shady actions. Her line of work tends to discourage getting emotionally close to others, so she prefers to act cool and distant whenever possible. Not that she would mind having a friend or two...

Custom Weapon: True to her name, OpticWoman can fire blasts of light from her body. Beyond signature moves, she prefers to emulate a gun with her fingers, and shooting light bullets and rays from them.