Name: Hina Rakurai
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Appearance: At 5'10", Hina's a rather tall woman. Her attire is intended to not draw much attention; she wears a simple white T-shirt, which has her Navi's emblem on the chest, cargo pants, and a black windbreaker over it. She has matching indigo eyes and messy indigo hair, with glasses she can scarcely see without.
Personality: Most people that know Hina compare her to a dragon, as she likes to be left alone, and desires a great amount of money. She's perfectly willing to deal in shady business, so long as it pays more. Since she doesn't get out much, her interactions with others in the real world tend to be...awkward.
PET Modifications: An orange Progress PET. It looks plain, but the insides of it have been extensively reworked to improve security, as well as be more user-friendly to Hina.