Jazz and the freezing cold net

Wondering about Scilabs as she would finish installing the upgrades Jazz had purchased, Jazz was floating around his PET slowly, bumping around and gliding around the area before looking up at his Netop. So, what're we gonna do? I got that bounty and all that, though it's a bit dangerous. Jazz would nonchalantly stare down at the PET before giving a shrug, she would Jack in her navi wordlessly, sending him to where he needed to go.
Within the PET, Jazz felt himself wind up inside and out, he huddled up underneath some virtual blankets for the time being, a faux-lava panel radiating heat onto him like a heater would as he shivered, extremities still all but frozen from the WORM's influence on him in it's dying breaths. He was desperately trying to warm up...keep himself together...that last fight stirred up some less than pleasant feelings in him...he thought he was going to die...and the nightmareish screams continued to haunt him regardless.

Stephine was, meanwhile, pouring through the footage...the data she could keep from corrupting her PET...but for now, Jazz needed a couple upgrades before meeting with his love bunny for a "date" in the Rogue nets. Getting up, she began to slowly make her way over to the Navi shop for the time being, get him a couple more upgrades...then go to the chip shop maybe...or he could do it himself once he accepted the post.