Personality and Appearance tweaks

Just piddly little fluff edits.


Description: Marina Connell is about five foot eight. Her shoulders are rolled slightly forward from years of sitting in awkward positions in front of televisions and computer screens. Her brown hair is about shoulder-length, and is pulled back into a short ponytail at the base of her neck. There are highlights of sky-blue, which have grown halfway out, and full-length metallic green shot through her hair.

Marina wears a pair of long, many-pocketed black shorts and a sleeveless burgundy shirt. Abstract designs involving circles and squares in black cross the front and the back of the shirt, while two white lines shoot down either side of the shorts. She has no use for socks, and wears her red-streaked black sneakers without them.

She is also equipped with a pair of blue-lensed sunglasses that she wears at almost all times. They are prescription, replacing the contact lenses that her eyes naturally rejected. When she is in company she will often refrain from wearing them, but at the price of comprimising her vision.

Personality: Marina is concentrated on looking out for number one, and nobody else. She is typically callous and unfriendly toward most other people, even if they do share her NetBattling hobby. She often snaps at the slightest provocation, going from seething anger to shouting rage in a second flat. Usually she finds someone else to plant the blame on, as long as it isn't herself, even when the mistake was clearly hers. She very rarely smiles, and only a few people know what she sounds like when she laughs. In all, Marina is very serious, and demands only perfection from the people around her and herself.


Description: Raiden is a short Navi of perhaps five feet. He is rather scrawny and somewhat malnourished-looking, and it doesn't seem like there is much fight present in him at all. He has a head of messy chestnut-coloured hair, and a pair of pale silver, pupilless eyes that seem unnaturally large.

The Navi's body is sheathed in a navy skinsuit, without any kind of stripe, except for a silver band around his waist. A single large triangular plate of armour protects his front and back, also acting as a set of shoulderguards. A narrow strip of open space runs down the middle of the triangular plate from Raiden's throat to the bottom tip of the piece of armour. Cylindrical yellow bracers can be found around his wrists and ankles, spawning smaller triangles of metal that cover the backs of Raiden's hands and the tops of his bootless feet. A single long rectangular plate is attached to each of his sides, going from the top of his hip to his knee and acting as a flank guard.

Navi Emblem: A cross of lightning, with a border of electricity, on a navy field. Raiden's emblem is positioned in the middle of his chest, suspended above the gap between the right and left sides of his breastplate.

Personality: Raiden's personality varies widely, depending on the location. When within his PET, Raiden is a flat, soulless Navi that seems to be completely devoid of any kind of will whatsoever. However, when he is jacked into a network, his systems automatically adopt the personality of the area that he is in.