Teacher's Lesson

As Joseph arrived at ACDC Intermediary, he hurriedly stuffed the newly bought subchips into his bag, he would begin to slow his pace down a bit, walking towards the classroom he had been teaching in until recent events had him vacate his position temporarily. Before long, he unlocked the door and swung it open, letting out a sigh as he walked through, his room the same as before, blackboard clean and tidy, his desk filled with well wishes from students over the time he had been gone.

Gods...it's been forever since I've been here. Well, I suppose I should clear off my desk and get ready. Joseph sighed, closing his eyes. He wasn't about to enjoy teaching about the various networks that encompass the world, as well as a sampling of viruses. He had been pushed into the new "Net Exploration" curriculum from before the principal had disappeared and the new principal hasn't bothered removing it. Even if Joseph was more a mathematician than a combat expert...but he had faith in Asymptote.

Time would pass, they would eventually get through all their fluff, the students ecstatic that Joseph had come back, even if there was a couple troublemakers in the back, it didn't matter much. And soon, Joseph would begin to introduce the lesson today. Okay students, I am starting a new curriculum at the behest of the school board. Today we'll be exploring the networks that connect across the world and while we won't start in home territory, I'm sure you and your navis are familiar enough with the ACDC area to not need taught on what a Metool or Cannondumb is, we will go to the big city of Electown for today's run. If the bell rings before my navi, Asymptote.exe, finishes busting, I will send you all a copy of the run you can watch at your leisure and the two of us will edit our thoughts into the footage directly from Asymptote's point of view. Joseph would explain, as images of the various viruses that run about Electown's networks. Not every run will be the same for everyone if they choose to virus bust in Electown, but I DO recommend you take caution within it's networks, doubly so if your netnavi is of the Water element since the viruses are primarily of the Electrical element with some Neutral viruses in the mix. It is also home to a few types of terrain that a Fire or Electrical navi can make use of, such as the Metal panels for both elements and Magnet panels that an Electric navi can use to disorient or otherwise disable the viruses that do not share the "Elec" element and Solar panels that are to Elec navis and viruses that Grass is to Wood, that is to say these navis and viruses recover health with simply being on them. He continued along with the lecture, a few students letting out a groan at the basic knowledge he was imparting on them.

Now, I know my navi has yet to be mentioned or seen since...I went on a sudden break. Many rumors have been abound, many others trying to pry into the principal's computer with their navis. He segued, a couple of the usual suspects whistling innocently or otherwise trying to not be inconspicuous. Now, I ask you reserve judgement on my netnavi as he is. We have been through a lot since, his body has...been more than a little misshapen since you may have last seen him. He is not the NormalNavi you once saw him as, so his apperance might be shocking to see, if not a little horrifying. But his personality is, for the most part, intact and he is willing to help you if you need any help on your subjects.

Joseph inhaled and closed his eyes, pressing a button, real time images of Asymptote standing at his full height began to flash across the screen in multiple segments. From his scary visage to the wires and generator showing a biomechanical being, wires scraping across the ground as he began to move slowly, lumber across the length of his PET, gasps and "cool"s going through the room. This is Asymptote as he is now. He is an imposing, frightening beast on the outside thanks to your...fair principal. Whatever happened during the "upgrade" process, it mutated him into this being you see in front of you with a few additions since then but I'm not going there yet. This is a lesson everyone can learn. Unless you take your navi to a professional, do not let anyone update or upgrade your navi. But this is the same Asymptote you all have known...if a bit more monstrous looking. Now, any questions? He asked, a few questions coming along that Joseph easily answered, most about Asymptote's appearance which...was fair he thought to himself. But once the questions finally died down, Asymptote began to speak, a gravely but booming voice coming from him. My life has been twisted, turned around by another's greed students. But give me a chance to show you I'm still the same...if a bit slower than before. I will show you what busting is like in other parts of the country, even the world. But...we will not go to places like the Undernet, I'm nowhere near strong enough for such viruses. I do encourage you to go onto these networks yourself with caution and learn to grow on your own. But that's enough from us. Consider this a free time, but there will be homework on this once the run is finished. Be sure to study up on your own and be ready to protect yourselves if you need to. Now. Lets head to Electown proper. Asymptote finished, the students weary of this curriculum, but they would keep their eyes peeled on the screen as Asymptote jacked in properly towards the Electown network.

(Jack in, Asymptote!)
And that's the end of class today. Please make sure to do your homework and please, please, make your own forays into the net. Next time I do this, we will go somewhere different, perhaps in Netvegas or off-country, such as Netopia, please do also buy subchips if you can, we didn't need any of the recovery subchips this time due to my navi's abilities, but it's always good to keep a couple mini-energy packs on you at the very least. Joseph spoke as his class began to leave from his classroom, his students speaking to one another as they did. Seemed Asymptote, despite his...appearance...was a bit of a hit with the students, at the very least. Though going forward he would have need to deal with Asymptote's outbursts more readily...that ending is making him scratch his head. He never does such things...perhaps the glitches in his coding, among the locks and forced features on Asymptote's body could be causing this erratic behavior? Well, this is a thing for later he needs to address. His bank account had gotten that refund he wanted, seemed a few PET upgrades had been either obsoleted or they were working at a better capacity these days. Either way, time to spend that money down at Suitachi's while Asymptote was resting in his PET.