Passive Sigs and X-Hit Shields

Okay, so again, throwing things to the wall to see what sticks for future upgrades.

For a shield-subtype Navi (or SP, in my case) the active ability ‘Reinforce’ states that you can reinforce an X-Hit shield an additional 1+(Level/20) hits, but only once.

Having said that, I had the idea of making an SP that has a 1-hit X-hit shield as its passive sig attack. So technically, you would never be reinforcing the same shield as, regardless of the hits taken that round, you’d just remove the old shield and apply a new one the next turn.

Would that be considered breaking the rules, or is that okay, since it does cost 4x the normal sig points to make the passive shield in the first place? You could make two shields with less sig points and it would have the same interchangeability, no?

Be gentle. :)
From a mechanical standpoint. Passives remake whatever defense they generate every turn. Like say a shield with 1 or 2 hits passive, even if only one of those hits was used last turn, it would still completely overwrite it and remake it the next.

So in that regard, the Reinforce can be applied to a passive x-hit shield each turn, yes. Since the SP would be getting a brand new shield every turn, not keeping the same one.
Awesome, thank you. :)