MeleeMan sustained major injuries to his right arm and skull during the battle with Cybeast Riccio in Electown Net. As a result, for a temporary period of time, his right arm is unusable. Rania has programmed a .GMO to cast his arm and bandage the cranium during his period of recovery. In this .GMO, the only real changes are the cast that appears over his right arm, holding it at a 90 degree angle across his chest. His left arm still maintains its usual function. His helmet disappears, and his forehead is circled with gauze bandages. Once his right arm recovers, any further use of this .GMO will still render the right arm unusable, so it will be wise for Rania to deactivate it upon MeleeMan's recovery.

Is that okay? [][][][]: D
... This is silly, sir.

Quite silly. And approved.