Ka'ana'ana Residence

It was another day in another house in ACDC Town. In a bedroom in that house, a young Jawaiian woman set up her PET on her desk, then took a couple steps back, with a piece of paper in her hands. "Ahem. I, Leilani Ka'ana'ana, am about to embark on a journey. One that may change how the human race views itself! We will embark shortly, seeking knowledge forgotten. People forgotten."

"Take out forgotten."

"Take out forgo...huh?"

"Seriously, you need to clean out your room, because noodles should NOT be furry like this."

The woman looked behind her, to see a mostly Electopian looking girl holding a small box of noodles with two fingers. She responded by using one finger to point at the door. "Get out, Hana!"

"Fiiine. I'll take the biohazard with me and throw it out. Oh, and sis?"


"Your delivery sucks."

The woman immediately grabbed a pillow from her bed and threw it at the girl. "OUT!" Her request was complied with, as her projectile narrowly missed the girl's head. "I was totally feeling that one!"

"Cut! Honestly, I have to side with your sister. You could use some work on your dramatic flair, Leilani." A hologram formed on the PET, revealing a girl Navi with a highly simple design. Oddly, unlike most such holograms, it stopped at her knees instead of showing all of her.

"You too, Rose? ...I didn't think I was THAT bad..."

"Practice makes perfect, right? Try it again!"

"Oh, all right..."

"Social studies presentation practice, take 9! And...action!"

"I, Leilani Ka'ana'ana, am about to embark on a journey. One that may change how the human race views itself! We will embark...wait, cut."

"What now?"

"I probably shouldn't use we there, since I'm only talking about myself. Where are you, pen...there you are. Edit note made!...Wait, now that I'm reading it again, I'm kinda using the word embark a lot in this. I should probably find a new word..."

"Yeah, that's true, now that you mention it..."

"Crap, there's so much obvious stuff here I didn't notice until now...dammit, that sentence doesn't even make sense!"

"And this is why you don't start projects a week before they're due..."

"It's not my fault every class threw something at me at the same time! This one...just...drew the short straw, that's all!"

"Well, you need to do well on this one. Otherwise you're dead."

"Well, if anyone would know, right?"

"First, ouch. Second, I'm trying to help you here! It's just...I don't have a lot of experience with this sort of thing! I'm a flower guide, not a homework helper!"

"I know, I know..." Leilani, who had been writing nearly non-stop as she made numerous edits, took a moment to look up at her Navi's hologram. "I really do appreciate you becoming my Navi, you know. Things would've been a lot rougher after my NormalNavi got deleted..."

"I know waaaaaay too well what it's like to be suddenly alone. I can't just leave someone to that fate."

"Yeah, and I appreciate that...not to change the subject, but can we take a break? I think my brain's about to explode from all this work..."

"You're the boss, so sure."

"...Actually, you know what'd probably help me out?"

"...I dunno, but it's never good when you look at me like that."

"Some virus busting!"

"Er...what? How does that help, exactly?"

"Think about it! We relieve some stress by destroying viruses, plus! It'll be like a tiny journey. Like the journey through time in this project!"

"You're stretching with the journey part, but some stress relief might be nice."

"And, you might be able to snag some blood for your vampire-zombie-whatever condition!"

"We really need to name said condition...but it HAS been a while since I've had a drink. You've convinced me. Let's do it!"

"Oh, right, before we do that..." The young woman grabbed something from her desk...or perhaps, more accurately, she grabbed something from a pile of junk on her desk. "Hana got me a new BattleChip! She said it would fit you well, so she blew a few zenny on it."

"Aww, that's sweet of her! She might like to mess with you, but she definitely loves her big sister."

"She could mess with me a little less..." At this point, Leilani sighed loudly. "You hear that, Hana?!"

As if on cue, the girl stuck her head through the doorway. "NEVER!" She retreated out of sight, and making it impossible to figure out where she went afterward.

"...Yup. So, busting now?"

"Busting now."

The hologram disappeared, and the operator grabbed her PET. "Then we're getting this luau started!" Okay, just had to point the infrared sensor at her computer's port...yeah, just like that. "Jack in! Rose, Execute!"

It had been an hour since the jack out. About 15 of them were interesting, as she served as Leilani's camerawoman. But her operator eventually got fed up with her own writing, and decided to try another approach: ripping the paper apart with her bare hands and starting over. Which meant Rose was standing around, doing nothing. She couldn't exactly complain about her boredom, though...even though she was doing something, Leilani probably felt the same way. But she couldn't just stay silent anymore..."So, how's it coming along?"

"I think this is turning out better. A few more hours of this, and we can start filming again!"

"Oh. Just a few more, you say..."

"I know, it's boring, but I've gotta do well on this. And I can't operate you while I'm working."

"I know...I mean, it's better than going from place to place, wondering if this is the day you get killed, but I feel like I could be doing something..."

"Hmm...actually, that reminds me of what I heard at school. If you need some quick, easy cash or something, there's a board in Internet City that hires Navis for work. It's run by the GNA, so the stuff should be on the up and up."

"And if I drink up before I go, I won't scare anyone with a big, violent flower! I'll just be a cute, innocent girl looking for work!"

"That's the spirit! I think...just try not to get anything battle related, okay? I really need to work on my project."

"Of course!"

"Just let me know when you need to be jacked in."

Oh, that she would most certainly tell her. Luckily, a search showed her how to apply. Let's see...that should do it. Now to send, and wait.


Mission received! And...coordinates received! Rose nearly let out a huge cheer, but her operator was hard at work, so probably not a great idea right now. She still had business to attend to before leaving, though. She had her flower send a vine over to a refrigerator in the corner of her PET space, pick up two small bottles, and send them over to her. She looked them over for a moment. "I kinda wish I could save one of these, but I might be stuck there for a while...down the hatch!" Quickly, she downed each one like it was a shot glass. "Mmm...that Spikey sample was a little spicy!" More importantly, she could feel a strength within her that hadn't been there in a long time. "All right, Leilani, I'm good to go!"

"Okay, I'll send you-" The operator grabbed her PET, but gave her Navi an odd look. "Uh, you've got a little, uh, something going down your face."

"I do?" The flower Navi wiped her face with her hand, then looked down at her glove, which now had a couple of small red smears. "Whoops. That would've been weird to explain...thanks for telling me!"

"Sure. All right, go ahead and go. Ugh, my hand's going to be SOOOO sore by the time you get back..."

"Only 'cause you don't have a boyfriend!"

"I've got a Jawaiian saying for you, Hana...pani i kou waha, a hele aku!" Leilani quickly got up, stormed over, and slammed her bedroom door shut before returning. "Ugh...now where was I. Oh, right." Point PET at computer again... "Jack in! Rose, Execute!"