Name: Rose.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Guts
Passive Subtype Ability: Resilient
Active Subtype Ability: Intimidation
Appearance: Rose stands at 5'6", but thanks to a certain 'accessory', this is nearly impossible to normally ascertain. Her attire is quite simple: a dark green Navisuit that covers everything from the neck down, green leaf-like gloves and boots, and a green headband with earflaps. On these earflaps are her emblem, a flower in bloom. To keep from being too monochromatic, she has strawberry blond hair, but her green eyes are what you'd expect from a plant based Navi.

But perhaps more noteworthy than the girl, is the red rose-like flower she usually stands within. This flower is large enough for her to comfortably hide in if it's closed, and normally the area from the knee down is obscured by its inner petals. If she left it and one peered in, one would see various tendrils flailing about, serving non-obvious purpose. The flower is capable of uprooting itself and walking around, but moves very slowly. Strangely, though it didn't originate with the Navi, it is completely subservient to Rose, who can freely command it with a mere thought.

Personality: Rose is, at her core, actually a very kind and sweet Navi. She highly values friends, knowing what it's like to live without them. Yet, in a cruel irony, she tries to avoid getting too close, lest they know the truth behind her...

Custom Weapon: The flower Rose stands in can freely extend its vines to strike a foe, or shoot thorns at distant enemies.

History: History: Rose was created as the Navi mascot for a botanical garden in Netopia. She loved her work, and loved giving people tours of the flowers. But over time, the garden began to lose money, and was shut down. As she had no operator, Rose simply remained in the garden's cyberworld, keeping it as close to pristine as possible. In an inevitability, however, viruses soon invaded, which the Navi was entirely ill-equipped to fight off. And yet, after a battle that lasted several months, she did, purging the page of all that would feast off of it. But, it had cost her every last bit of strength. Laying on a particularly large nearby flower, she could do little else but await her imminent deletion...

But her deletion did not come. As a result of the viruses' influence during their stay, the flower she had chosen for her final resting place had severely mutated. It now hungered for life energy, and a Navi was a good source of that. And yet, when it sucked the life from her, Rose could feel herself growing was that even possible? Confused, she hopped off, and went off in search of answers.

A couple of hours later, she found herself crawling back, barely enough strength to climb back onto the flower. A few minutes partially inside of it, and she found herself good as new. Stealing her life energy was giving her strength? The only answer she could think of was that she was essentially in an undead state, not truly alive anymore, yet certainly not dead.

Over time, Rose began to develop some degree of power over her simultaneous lifegiver and captor, eventually reaching the point where she could use its roots and vines as surrogate limbs. And just in time, as viruses invaded her home once more...and while not unscathed, with her flower's help, things went quite a bit more smoothly this second time. But as she looked down, she noticed a bit of blood within a tear on the arm of her Navi suit. There was no wound there, so apparently it had come from one of the viruses. With some morbid curiosity, she raised her arm, and licked it...and was immediately overwhelmed with vigor. Even the taste was amazing to her. So, somehow, the flower had turned her into some sort of vampiric being. But how? And why? Or was there even a reason? It made no sense. She wanted answers...and as much as she hated to admit it, the best place to get them was Electopia's SciLab. Saying goodbye to the only home she'd ever known, she set off, hoping to find a sympathetic scientific ear.

On her way, she found a Navi investigating the ruins of an old dam network in Yoka Area. Or at least, was investigating, as she encountered it just in time to see it get trapped, and subsequently deleted. As she heard the sobbing through the unbroken connection, she knew in her heart what to do; loss and loneliness defined the majority of her existence, but it didn't have to define the operator that just lost their Navi. She offered to become the operator's new Navi, an offer that was accepted after a moment of thought. Her new operator turned out to be a young woman named Leilani Ka'ana'ana, The two became friends, and became close enough that Rose came clean about who she was...but her new operator didn't seem to care; only that she had helped her in her hour of need, and that she would continue to do so. And that was good enough for her.