Name: Leilani Ka'ana'ana
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Leilani stands at about 5'7", with black hair and brown eyes. She wears a red hoodie (which she has recently sewn a large patch of her new Navi's emblem onto the back), along with a light blue mini-skirt, black tights, and pink sneakers. She usually keeps her hood up, but spilling out are her single braid on the left side, which extends to the bottom of her breast, and a pink hibiscus flower on the right, though a close look would reveal that it's actually fake.
Personality: Generally, Leilani is a kind long as she doesn't have to give up material goods. She's very hesitant to surrender her possessions without getting something in return, perhaps a nod to her upbringing. She's quite upbeat, and talking history will almost always snap her out a funk.
PET Modifications: A standard red Link PET with pink trim.

History: As it turned out, Leilani wasn't without tragedy in her life, either. Born on Jawaii Island, her mother died when she was 2, and her father died three later. He had, however, recently married an Electopian woman, who luckily proved to be a caring stepmother. At that point, her life stabilized, and she lived with her stepmother and younger half-sister. But there was a new problem, in that her new stepmother fell prey to get rich quick schemes pretty often. It never got totally out of hand, but the family had little beyond the essentials.

Wanting to help, the young girl would often wander off, hoping to uncover some buried treasure. While she never found anything of major worth, she did stumble across a pot, which turned out to be several hundred years old. This would trigger a fascination with archaeology that would last her entire life. She proved to have a knack for it as well, as every so often she would return home with findings to research.

Approximately three years before the present day, her stepmother attempted yet another get rich quick scheme...but this one proved different. At first, it drove her into debt like the others...but then it began to pay dividends. And more dividends. And even more dividends. And just like that, there was money to spend. The mother was happy, but had plans for some of that money. They had always lived on Jawaii Island, but her daughter was half-Electopian and had never seen that land, and Leilani and her talents could benefit from a place with centuries upon centuries of history. And so, they moved to her own hometown of DenCity, where Leilani continued to follow her passions. But, with Electopia's more advanced network, she began to become interested in cyberarcheology; hunting down old locales in the net, and gleaning knowledge from them. And with a new Navi in hand, that wasn't going away any time soon.