Name: Maru Lulu
Age: 28 years old
Gender: Female
Appearance: Maru is a dark skinned, short (5’05” feet; 1.53 meter) and stocky (135 lbs; 61.3kg) woman. She has a modest bust and a well trained body, it being very clear that she works out a lot. She has black hair, short on the right side and long on the left side with the left side falling over her face to cover her eye. Her right eye is light brown, while her left eye is a smooth glass eye without a pupil. She also has three scars, clearly the work of an animal, across her left eye, going from top to bottom. She wears a pair of glasses with black rims and round glasses, although naturally only for her right eye.
She is not picky when it comes to attire and will usually just wear whatever agrees to the situation. Although she isn’t one for ‘formal wear’, so she’ll still dress normal for special occasions.
Personality: Maru is easily described as mean. She is hard on people, no matter if they’re real or digital. But only because she wants them to become better than they are. She has a softer spot for animals than for humans. She used to be a zoo keeper and has worked for a circus as lion tamer, hence that she insists on standing at the top of the food chain. While there are a lot of things people do Maru will simply scoff at because humans are idiots, the one thing she won’t accept is being made fun of for being short. When she’s not forced into human contact, she will usually take her time to go working out her body.
PET Modifications: Maru’s PET is designed like a flip phone, with a touchscreen on both sides. It’s got a black case with an emblem on the top side. This emblem is circular, with sharp white teeth coming from the top and bottom with 2 red orbs side-by-side in the center on a dark green background.