Name: SandMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Wind

Caught in that indeterminate not-age that could be a very mature twelve-year-old or a very tiny young man, SandMan stands barely over five feet Netopian standard, a pipsqueak in every sense of the word. Every inch of him has been painstakingly crafted to be a soft, fuzzy invitation to dreamland, from his warm brown eyes to his unabashedly bunny-eared slippers. His hair is white-blond and suffering a perpetual case of bad hat-hair, understandable given the enormous floppy nightcap he dons. Both it and his robe are a rich dark purple, complemented with gold accents on the hems and stars and moons spangled across the hat. Simple cream flannel pajamas cover everything else, each button going down the top a tiny iteration of his emblem, a smiling moon ringed with stars.

Image (cloud sold separately)

SandMan's cognition runs diametrically opposed to Yan's so flawlessly as to seem engineered; considering his creator, Yan's elder brother Xinzhe, it probably was. Excitable where she's deadpan, the boke to her tsukkomi, SandMan has as much difficulty catching a break as his Operator, but processes it differently - which is to say, with much more anxiety and anguished yelling. He's something of a scaredy-cat, but the oddly brave sort of scaredy-cat who whines about how freaky something is even as he walks up to poke it with a stick. Years of helping Yan with her narcolepsy have instilled in him, among other things, a deep well of pessimism, an endless spring of patience, and a knack for flailing.

Custom Weapon: Sandbag
A tremendously large drawstring bag filled to the brim with howling winds and swirling gold sand. Black as night and decorated only with SandMan's emblem, it just barely fits over his diminutive shoulders. His own imagination can conjure only flurries from the bag, but with Yan providing Battlechips and inspiration, he can pull out tremendous creations of technicolour glass.

Signature Attacks

Name: Spillage [20 pts; 1tcd]
Effect: Medium Sand Terrain
Description: The Sandbag is a very large load for such a small lad. With so much time spent teetering and managing its bulk, a little spillage becomes inevitable. The swirling filaments SandMan generates tend to have a mind of their own...

Name: Billow [60 pts; 2tcd]
Effect: 50 Elec {A}, Knockback
Description: With a couple simple twists, SandMan can trap a little of the Sandbag right at its mouth, venting it out as a small gold thunderstorm.