Name: Lei Yan
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Short and slight as they come, Yan sits at the tail-end of puberty with not a whole lot to show for herself. Her hair is black and straight, with enough volume to maintain a quantum state somewhere between bob and birdsnest, depending on the last time brushing was attempted. Her eyes, monolid and eternally on the verge of closing, are the same deep black. Deep bags under her eyes mar what is otherwise a smooth, unmarked face, finally losing its baby fat and sharpening into adulthood...or starting to, at least. While she's finished growing vertically, her utter lack of development elsewhere had left her feeling a bit cheated about the whole arrangement.

Yan's style tends towards frumpy, alternating through an endless laundry cycle of school uniforms, jeans, and T-shirts, all thoroughly swaddled in thick, cushy sweaters and cardigans. She shuffles rather than walks, has a tendency to mumble, and generally does a bang-up job of embodying the awkward late adolescent. Her only adornments are a tiny gold moon that sparkles against her right earlobe, and SandMan's PET, which she does her best to take everywhere with her but often misplaces. The panicked, half-comatose scrambles searching for it with SandMan, often enough to just be called Yan's flails, are the stuff of legends.

Narcoleptic by neurology and a general human disaster otherwise, Yan can roughly be summed up as 'trying her best'. With her life skills mostly stuck in the phase of 'high school student', most of her problem solving is thus lackadaisical and not wholly rooted in logic. Much of her worldview is a little arms-distance from reality; her condition keeping her in a state of near-permanent sleep deprivation doesn't tend to help. Cataplexic attacks can occasionally trigger on extreme emotional reactions, leaving her largely debilitated with weakness. As a result, her grasp on her emotions is tightly-kept and tetchy at best.

Despite her condition, Yan is the farthest thing from anxious. She loves to nap, and keeps a wide variety of potential sleeping surfaces and aids on hand for whenever her brain decides it's time for lights out. In lieu of getting worked up over any old thing and risking an attack, her reaction to a large percentage of the world is a goofy smile and a slightly unhinged joke. She's prone to giving voice to her imagination, often at the most inappropriate of times, and her occasional hallucinations just add a bit of head-tilting flavour to her stream of consciousness. And when it's 4 AM and there's school the next day and nighttime insomnia is just not letting up, there will always be her favourite, most blessed of activities: messing with SandMan.

PET Modifications: A gift from her brother, now missing. The exterior is deep purple, liberally patterned with gold stars and moons. A tiny Yumlandian inscription on the back reads, 'to mèi mei, from gē ge'. A little modding has been done under the hood to set it apart from a factory standard, including a planetarium projector, a tuned-up speaker, and an industrial-strength alarm clock.