Small PET edit and profile edit

The changes I'm making aren't major, but will probably pretty much cancel out any Navi's want to team with Phoenix.

Phoenix is unique to Navis in the fact that he has the Navi equivilant to a digestive system, with a few changes. All data that is absorbed through his mouth is broken down and all vital energy data in the 'food' is absorbed into his systems. (This is strictly RP-based. Essentially, he's getting a stamina boost.) All non-vital data is forced into the outer layer of his data and is burned the next time he executes his combat programs. (Flares up)

To balance this, Silas' PET has a massive memory capacity, at least twice the space as a standard PET. This is for Phoenix's 'food'. The 'food' is in fact multiple mutilated Navis, almost all Civilian-class, though a few are Heel-Class, and a small handful are Police and Military-Class. Phoenix amassed this collection over many years before Silas and him moved to ACDC. At any time, Phoenix can summon these living corpses, but can only use them for feeding only, and almost never feeds in battle for fear of getting hit while eating.

One more thing: Silas and Phoenix used to live in the infamous Nation Z. There, Silas and Phoenix were both generals. Silas moved to ACDC for two reasons. First of all, he was getting old, and wanted to retire. Second, after a run-in with Infinity.EXE, Silas' grandson's Navi, Phoenix was rendered incapable of fighting.

Does this fly?
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It seems okay aside from one thing...

'Nation Z'? Explain/Elaborate, plz.

Nation Z was mentioned in Battle Network 4 and in the anime a couple times. Its a military nation, its entire population is one huge army, and its where Dr. Regal (Wily's son) was born and raised. Silas and Phoenix were generals in the huge army.

This okay?
I suppose.