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Let meh finish.
If you've happened to have read my RP, you'll notice I have a bit of a problem. Air bullets, guitar smashing, speed and rocks. Thats all the RPing I've done. I'm flat out of ideas. This is an idea I've had for a while, and from the opinions I've gotten, it may work.

These NAVI have no stat value what so ever, and exist only to make my RP more intresting.

They will:
Be used to perform attacks/chip actions.
They'll talk.

Name: Kyo "The Savage Slash"
Gender: Male
Appearance: This small NAVI embodies big attidude! His appearance is "asian" with light skin, small, long angry looking red eyes and dark blue short blue hair spiked backwards, Kyo makes quite an imposing figure, even at 1 foot tall! He wears long black glasses with black jeans, a white T shirt and a silky short sleave black collared shirt with his collar popped and left open. A small smooth white mechanical oval pack is on his back. Several inches away from it are "wings of energy" floating. ()
Personality: A little evil if he would say himself. Kyo often gives Rui a little help in the thinking department, but his solutions almost always involve violence. Kyo acts pretty "badass" all the time, and often attracts a lot of attention because of it. He's a master of technology, and it a matter of hours, or sometimes instantly, he can whip up inventions and devices. He often experiments on Rui, often without his permission or without him noticing.

Name: Yuji "She has no title"
Gender: Female
Appearance: A very cute asian NAVI with a rather normal figure. She has plain black hair with rather long bangs pinned to the side. She has green eyes and stands a tiny stature of 1 foot tall. She wears a simple white dress with a long blue cross on the back.
Personality: Quite easy to push around, and very shy. She has little presence and some people have a tendancy of forgeting she's around. However, on rare occasions, she manages to muster enough courage to stand up for something. In these ways, she's much like Shin and empithizes with him because of it. She's the master of "magic" and has limited summoning powers and can create weapons for Rui as well as heal. She's the "good" one of the two, and often suggests more peacefull and sometimes longer solutions. She often loses the arguments.
Forgot a story:

Shin was about to throw out the present Moa had given him when he found something taped to the inside of the box. It appeared to be an outdated memory chip... He inserted it into his PET only to find the presence of two tiny progs. Upon entry from the net, Rui gleefully gave Kyo the name "The Savage Slash" from appearance, but to the progs little "sister..." He just couldn't think of something so he shruged and went to go do something else.


Just... no. Period. I could come up with any number of reasons for this decision, like how having multiple personalities with only one battle navi is a ripoff of Rass, or how it's a completely stupid idea, but I'm just going to say no.

Ok. What the hell.

Having read the profile for rass, I'm now pretty mad.

Rass has several personalities.

I want an excuse for helper progs to make my RP more intresting.

Other then you personaly not liking my idea, I see nothing wrong with this.
-It's stupid.

-There's mechanical issues (Even though they have no stats, viruses could still technically see the other two navis as a target, bish.)

-It's stupid.

-No, really, it's stupid.

-The Administrative Team reserves the right to refuse profile edits or signature attack registrations for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, or no reason at all (Though we usually have one).

This right is now exercised.


Quote (Twi)

-There's mechanical issues (Even though they have no stats, viruses could still technically see the other two navis as a target, bish.)


I think I've said this like a billion times before when people ignored me.

Yes, but thats if the mod DECIDES THEY WANT TO DO THAT.

If they want to add a bit of fluff by taking out my healing factor by shooting a NAVI.

So be it.

It's more of a weakness then anything.
You want a better reason?


There's your goddamn reason.

Oh, right, you want something not personal opinion...


We've been over this before. Even if the navis have NO MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE WHATSOEVER, or even a disadvantage, we only allow ONE navi with rare, rare exceptions. 'Finding a memory stick with two useless navis in it' is not a suitable reason for one of these rare exceptions.

If you want a second opinion, by all means get one... but I think you'll find a vast deal of mirrored statements amongst the mods.
This is Stupid. Seriously Stupid. That's Eon's second Opinion.

Hey... I actually liked this idea. There's no need to yell. Theo's Navi is supposed to be, what... really loud and superhero-like? No reason for him not to have a couple of floating sprites hanging out with him.


Don't care anymore so just close the damn thing and be done with it.
Okay, Since I should be giving better reasons than "It's STOOPID", I will henceforth give them.

By the way, you gave me a nice idea. Thanks for that.

Okay, simply "Finding" these sort of things on a memory stick doesn't happen.

If you put up a decent backstory and a better description of what you actually wanted, I would seriously consider this.
Opened, to emphasize the last post, assuming that Eon wasn't speaking in completely rhetorical terms, and actually did have the intent of letting you invent a backstory.