An attept to fix my sins on descs

After looking at my character's descriptions, I cried. I knew I sucked that much, but not so much as to half-heartedly make descriptions of characters so well detailed in my head. I have a hard time describing what I see for some reason. Either in writing or picture. Maybe I should learn telepathy and get someone to draw my characters. I know this won't make me any better, or get me added into anyone's fan art or fan fictions or such, but I might as well not have that sucky of a pair of character profiles.
Simply more details on personality and apperance, a few appearance modifications. made operator a year older, and clarified Kobo's second personality. Also I added some background on Zeen, and changed the no scars or marks into quite a few, in order to stick with the background.
I will take out the background if it is unacceptable.

Original Zeen:

Name: Zeen (again, still no last name)
Age: 16
Gender: M

Appearance: A quite depressed looking fellow. Always looks at the ground as he walks. He wears a tie dye shirt, and some stained jeans. He also wears a white jacket /w black edge, however it is a little too small for him lately. He has aboslutely zero scars or marks on him also.

Personality: Quite a depressed sounding fellow. He doesn't talk to others very often. He is quite open ot his navi though. He spends all of his time alone, useually just playing online games. When interupted from gaming, he is known to snap at them and be generally hateful until he's alone again. He never loses his temper with his navi.

PET Modifications: External Memory packs full of online games.

New Zeen:
Name: Zeen
Age: 17
Gender: M

Appearance: Zeen is a person who wears somewhat the same clothing. His clothes are usually green, yellow, or other bright colors. He has nearly jet black hair, with a leaf or two in it sometimes. It's rather greasy and the shine is more natural looking than dirty. His eyes are green. He wears jeans most of the time, and they have many holes and tears. His main piece of clothing is his white coat. He always wears this coat, even on hot days. It is a few sizes too small and has seen a few years a wear-and-tear. He also has some scars, scabs, and bruises as if he walks through the jungle all day. He often walks pessimistically, even on happy occasions.

Personality: He has a hanging feeling of downheartedness. Even when it's a perfect day he often looks as though something really bad happened. He only smiles when he talks to others in regular chatting. He is not timid at all, but social when approached. He talks as though a normal person, but still has an aura of depression around him. People who spend time with him often find that they too, have become somewhat saddened by being with him. Most of the time he is ok to be social, but sometimes he shuts everyone out. While this sounds like a heavy case of depression, it is not. He can be happy, yet it is a rare occasion. He cares deeply for his navi. He never refuses to talk to him or answer his questions. He does not lose his temper often, and never at his navi. He spends most of his time alone.

Background Info: His parents are botanists, and have a large collection of plants in their home. At their son's request his room is a dome with all sorts of plants inside. He found his navi one day while looking around old, forgotten buildings. His parents paid no special heed to Kobo's arrival. He often is referred to the "knight-in-shining-armor-in-training" as he often attempts to prey on those who grief.

PET modifications: Zeen has external memory packs filled with online games in order for Kobo to do things with him.

Name: KoboZen.exe (Ending is an abberviation of operator's first name)
Gender: M
Element: Normal
Type: N/A

Appearance: Kobo has Teal/red/yellow armor. He has a teal/purple helmet. He looks like a wolf person with orange/red wings, in the above armor. He is programmed to use sweatdrops and other emotes. He smiles all the time, and never really moves his wings unless he's either going through a tight space, or is in a tight situation.

Personality: Should you ask kobo to spell out his personality in letters to form a word, it would be ARBLFRAGLISTYUOPFWQZXCVYTMBNYUIEK. Very fun loving and friendly. He always is out for someone or somethign new to play with. Pesters his operator to be more optimistic. Inside battle, however, he is seemingly a natural veteran. While engaging the enemy instead of using chip his operator sends, his operator sends what he needs as he commands it. During the time he is like this he is easily amused by being hit with enemy attacks.

Custom Weapon: Decorative spear: A finely crafted spear with a leaf pattern on it. It's point is clearly fake, however. Gun attacks transform the opposite end of his spear, while melee makes it sharper/different.

Signature Attack: Throwing leaves: Throws 6 sharp shuriken-like leaves, 10 damage each, burnt up by fire, 3-turn Cooldown.
Name: KoboZen
Gender: M
Element: Normal
Subtype: Normal

Appearance: Kobo has characteristics of a wolf/fox person. His fur is yellow, and he has a hot pink nose. His eyes give off a glint of red, but they are turquoise. his hair is all underneath his helmet, which is teal with purple patterns on it. The rest of his armor is a nearly full body suit that is teal with red designs around the chest, waist, and shoulders and yellow designs around the legs, arms, and neck. He has a tail, that of a wolf. He also has orange wings (fully orange, not charizard). The wings have a flame pattern to them in different shades of orange. The armor does not cover the wings or the tail at any point (ok, the base, but that's a given to wearing it in the first place). His wings don't move very much, unless he intends to or he is startled. He smiles all of the time, and can perform anime sweatdrops, or other emotes.

Personality: In words, Kobo's personality is binary made up of 7, 9, L, and 5. In a color, it is Uglki. Kobo is happy all of the time. He is completely random and will do stupid things just because. He always welcomes new friends, especially playmates. Most often he acts like a 3 year old on a sugar high, minus the whining. He loves cookies, and anything that resembles a cookie. One of his favorite activities is to hide behind/in something, slowly come out, say something, and slowly go back behind/in whatever the object was.

BATTLE KOBO: Kobo has a spare personality stored away, simply called the "auto-trainer". This personality appears whenever Kobo enters battle. He will give out pointers to his operator again and again. Kobo usually does not take enough care to remeber what happens in auto-trainer mode, yet he is fully capable of doing so. Battle Kobo seems a natural veteran and does not like to be lectured. He also is triggered whenever Kobo feels he needs to be activated. The auto trainer will be a guide to Zeen during any non-battle activation to the best of his ability, yet the other Kobo will often trigger him for no good reason. The auto-trainer deactivates in these times at his own will. He says that the toggle phrase will turn him off, yet will not repeat it to anyone, even Zeen.

Custom weapon: Spear - a decorative, leaf patterned spear. It fires out of the other end, and will sharpen/etc. when melee chips are used. Kobo makes this appear whenever necessary, and can dismiss it at any time. It comes and goes with random "effects"

Other programs: Eating program - Kobo's eating program is actually a one way portal. Whatever goes in ends up inside of his PET's refrigerator. It can only go one way at a time, unless Kobo sticks a body part in there (as a safety measure against Kobo trying to detach his hand due to his random nature)
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